Junior Guide

Born and raised in Quang Binh, as a local with a special love for the mountains and caves of Phong Nha, Phan Tien Hung has become an adventure guide at Oxalis Adventure. With a dynamic, humorous personality, enthusiasm for his work, and knowledge of local stories, he always brings customers on exciting, attractive, and unforgettable cave exploration tours.

Tien Hung graduated from the university with an English major in May 2019. He joined Oxalis right after graduation and has since become a talented tour guide beloved by many customers.

Before officially joining the team of guides, he had also undergone a period of internship as an intern at Oxalis Adventure. The internship not only helped him further confirm his desire to join Oxalis and his homeland, but also supported him greatly in the process of integrating and grasping the job.

Since joining Oxalis, he has gained a wealth of experience in guiding and supporting customers on nature exploration trips in Quang Binh. He has participated in training courses, including first aid, botany and zoology, photography and filming by famous photographers, and many other training courses. Through these, he has strengthened his expertise in adventure tourism and successfully completed tours to the satisfaction of customers.

Not just a job, Tien Hung has a great passion for adventure activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, and cave exploration. His favorite adventure activity is climbing the 90-meter-high Great Wall of Vietnam and exploring Hang Son Doong - the world's largest cave. These experiences helped him to experience new sensations, as well as to build endurance and perseverance, especially when facing difficult challenges.

Through this profile, you can learn more about Phan Tien Hung - one of the talented adventure tour guides at Oxalis Adventure. With his experience, expertise, and passion for his job, he will be an excellent tour guide on your next adventure travel with Oxalis.