Tour Guide

Le Ngoc Chi - born and raised in the land of Phong Nha, will help you discover the interesting things in this locality. As a young and enthusiastic man, with a desire to contribute to the development of tourism in his homeland. And with the desire to promote the beauty of the majestic natural landscape of Phong Nha - Quang Binh to many tourists around the world, he has decided to become a tour guide.

He studied at the Tourism Department of Hue University, specializing in Tourism Management. Before returning to his hometown, he used to work as a freelance tour guide in Da Nang city. Here, he had the opportunity to lay the first brick in the tour guide job that he always dreamed of. But with the desire to return to his hometown, he left Da Nang and became an adventurous tour guide for Oxalis Adventure.

Although Chi has only been working at Oxalis for a little over a year, his prior experience as a freelance tour guide has allowed him to quickly adapt to his role and earn high praise from our customers. With his time at Oxalis, Chi has not only become a passionate tour guide but also a reliable companion who is eager to embark on new adventures with our customers during their exploration journey.

Every day, Chi accompanies tourists as they explore the magnificent caves and introduces them to the local culture, people, and unique adventure tourism activities that Quang Binh has to offer. As a tour guide with over a year of experience at Oxalis, Chi has led more than 30 groups of tourists on unforgettable adventure tours.

Aside from experience in the tourism industry, Chi has also accumulated many skills related to customer care, crisis management, safety, rescue, and foreign languages. This is partly due to exploring big cities in Vietnam such as Da Nang, Sai Gon, Da Lat, Sapa, and participating in many adventurous activities such as cave exploration, mountain climbing, etc.

Phong Nha is an unforgettable destination for adventure travel enthusiasts. The friendly and enthusiastic local people will definitely make your experience more enjoyable, and Chi will be a companion to help you fully experience those things.