Home to the world’s largest caves,
central Vietnam’s Phong Nha is redefining
adventure travel in Asia.

Oxalis Adventure is the leading adventure tour operator in Vietnam.

We pioneered life-changing caving and jungle experiences in UNESCO-recognized Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and we are the gateway to Hang Son Doong, the largest cave on the planet. But Son Doong is only the beginning – 70% of the jungle remains unexplored.

We’ve discovered and we visit more caves than anyone else.

Some are big enough to fit skyscrapers, lending themselves to underground campsites unlike anywhere else in the world. Others house swimmable rivers that burrow beneath the ground. Every adventure is possible, from one-day adventures to four-day expeditions.

Community involvement and safety are paramount.

Oxalis Adventure is 100% locally owned and we provide employment for hundreds of tour guides and porters in one of Vietnam’s poorest provinces. But we work closely with caving experts from The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team to ensure that we meet international standards of safety and safeguard the integrity of the caves.

Choose your adventure

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Want to camp in the largest cave chambers on the planet? Or plunge into underground rivers? How about harnessing up and taking on subterranean rope-assisted climbs? All this is possible, and more! Take a look below and choose your adventure based on the number of days you have to explore.

Team building with a difference

Nothing builds a team like exploring, swimming, climbing, cooking and sleeping in the wilderness. We are central Vietnam’s most established outdoor team building operator, with rewarding activities like scavenger hunts and obstacle course races. All our team building activities are tailor made for the size of the group and the objectives of the activity.

Safety is our top priority

Safety is paramount. We employ cave safety experts from The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team and use equipment from France, Switzerland and the UK to ensure that we meet international standards of safety. All our tour guides, safety assistants and porters go through a comprehensive training program.


Tú Làn Lodge, situated in Yên Thọ village, Tân Hoá commune, Minh Hóa district, Quảng Bình province, Vietnam, is located 70km away from the Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center. It is a uniquely charming accommodation option for adventure enthusiasts. After a day of trekking through the dense forest, visitors can unwind here, immersing themselves in the rustic culinary atmosphere and discovering the local life in Tân Hoá.

Real time video at Tu Lan Lodge