Chief Accountant at Oxalis Group

Ms Nha Phuong is currently the Chief Accountant of Oxalis Group, responsible for managing the entire Financial-Accounting-Tax operations of Oxalis Adventure and Oxalis Holiday. Ms. Phuong manages and leads Oxalis' accounting team, ensuring that the company's business operations adhere to the principles of transparency. She upholds the criteria of honesty, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and compliance with current laws and regulations at all times.

Ms Nha Phuong began her career with a job as a consultant for an accounting software implementation at T.O.N.Y software company from 2011 to 2012. She then gained 3 years of accounting experience at CAS Control and Automation Solutions Co., Ltd., specializing in providing high-voltage electrical equipment and automation systems from 2012 to 2014. She joined Oxalis in March 2014 as a general accountant. Throughout her time as a general accountant, she worked diligently, and carefully, met the requirements, and gradually demonstrated her ability to manage the accounting team. In May 2016, she was promoted to Chief Accountant of Oxalis Adventure, and after 6 years of accumulating experience, she continued to be promoted to Chief Accountant of Oxalis Group.

Ms Nha Phuong is known to be a cheerful and positive person who loves travelling. She has been to many places in Vietnam and abroad, especially participating in Oxalis tours, including the expedition to Son Doong - the world's largest cave. In addition to the operations, sales, and marketing teams, she also regularly participates in study and survey trips to improve her knowledge of the industry and to explore and refer to effective business models. Thanks to the knowledge, skills, and experience accumulated through work and learning, she has made many important contributions to budgeting, evaluating activities, improving efficiency, and optimizing operating costs in the business.

Ms Nha Phuong graduated with a distinction in Accounting from the University of Economics in Da Nang. She completed soft skills and leadership skills courses in 2020 and an Applied Accounting Management course organized by Smart Train in 2021. In addition, she regularly participates in seminars updating on Taxes, Accounting, and Financial Management to continuously acquire timely applicable knowledge in her work.