Experienced Guide

We would like to introduce you to Ngo Phuong Dat, a young and friendly man from Da Nang City who joined the Oxalis Adventure tour guide team 4 years ago. With his meticulousness and thoughtfulness, he always ensures the safety of tourists on every cave exploration trip and brings them the most exciting experiences.

Phuong Dat graduated in English translation from Hue University of Foreign Languages. Despite being originally from Da Nang, which is known as the most livable city in the world, he chose to become an adventure guide for Oxalis in Phong Nha Village after graduation. This decision was driven by his passion for tourism, love of nature, and appreciation for the beauty of the caves in Quang Binh. Although he had little experience in adventure tourism at the time, he learned and acquired knowledge through training courses on first aid, geology, mountain climbing, and photography when he joined Oxalis Adventure. And despite being quiet and seeming introverted, he is also highly regarded as a very humorous person, especially since Dat has excellent and in-depth English skills.

Phuong Dat is also very passionate about outdoor activities and regularly explores new places, especially conquering many mountain peaks in Sa Pa. From those trips, he has learned and accumulated a lot of useful knowledge and experience to serve his work.

During his 4 years leading nature and cave exploration trips, Phuong Dat has received a lot of positive feedback from customers. They feel his friendliness, cheerfulness, and dedication, and are truly satisfied with their experience under his support. Whether you are an experienced explorer or a first-time adventurer, he will provide you with an incredible journey with the necessary knowledge and expertise, and you will have a memorable adventure for life.