Deputy General Director

Mr. Chau My is currently the Deputy General Director in charge of Project Development Management at Oxalis Group. He is responsible for managing projects from legal procedures to implementation, construction, and completion for exploitation. These projects include the deployment of new tourism products and the design and construction of hotels and resorts. He also ensures compliance with the legal requirements of the company's project documents. Additionally, he serves as the Director of The Oxalis Foundation and is responsible for its daily operations.

Prior to joining Oxalis, Mr. Chau My participated in the design of numerous creative architectural projects and high-quality products. He also served as a Project Manager at EVN Land Saigon, a power corporation. With over 10 years of experience in design and construction supervision, he has played an important role in building famous resorts and hotels for the company, including Chay Lap Farmstay, Blue Diamond Camp, and Tu Lan Lodge.

Born and raised in Phong Nha - Ke Bang, he has a great understanding of the terrain, landscape, climate and weather of this area. Along with his love for nature and passion for adventure tourism, he has also participated in many trips to visit and learn from other countries such as Thailand and Laos, where there are diverse, professional and adventurous tourism products, along with unique and creative resort and hotel architecture. All of these things have helped him accumulate a lot of experience in the tourism industry, thereby making significant contributions to the construction and completion of tourism products that are appropriate to the value of resources, adaptable to weather conditions, and suitable for customer needs. Throughout more than 10 years working at Oxalis, he has always been a key manager with vision, creativity, and high responsibility, contributing significantly to the development and success of the company today.

Mr Chau My graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Hanoi Architectural University in 2004, and he also holds a CEO Training Certificate in Executive Management from 2018. In addition, he regularly participates in courses on management and community tourism development to enhance his knowledge and skills.