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Phong Nha National Park

This tour is ideal for everyone, especially families with children from 12 years old. With only one day, you still have the chance to experience most must-do activities in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

VND 1,650,000/person

Phong Nha National Park 1 Day FAQs

Hang Tien

Tu Lan experience

With only one day, you will have the chance to explore Tu Lan Cave System’s untamed jungle & limestone mountain region.

VND 1,800,000/person ($78)

Tu Lan Experience 1 Day FAQs

Tu Lan

Hang Tien Discovery

The majestic cave known as Hang Tien, or “Fairy Cave”, has previously only been viewable on the Tu Lan Expedition.

VND 2,000,000/person ($87)

Hang Tien Discovery 1 Day FAQs

  • Is it possible to do this tour if I arrive in Phong Nha on the same morning? Where does the tour start?

    All our tours start in Phong Nha. We recommend you arrive at least one day or one night prior to the tour’s departure, so you will have lots of time to rest, prepare for the tour or explore the beautiful village.
    If your schedule is tight and you reach Phong Nha early on a morning bus (4 -5 AM), you can do the tour on the same day which starts at 07:00 AM. We will pick you up from the bus office or your hotel if you have booked.
    If you travel by train to Dong Hoi City, please choose a train which arrives at Dong Hoi by 6 AM at the latest and you have a private transfer arranged in advance with Oxalis Adventure (VND 640,000/4-7 seater car – 50 minutes driving) to ensure you are on time for the tour. Please advise your sales consultant if you would like this service.

  • Do you provide pickup from Dong Hoi?

    All our tours start and end in the small town of Phong Nha, located about 50 minutes from Dong Hoi, which has the nearest train station and airport. If you are staying in Dong Hoi, we can pick you up for an added cost of 640,000 VND one way for a 4-7 seat car. Please advise your sales consultant if you would like this service.

  • I am claustrophobic, will this be a problem? Are there any tight squeezes in the cave?

    As Hang Tien is a very big cave, there are only one or two narrow places (0.8 - 1 meter in width and a few meters in length), where you will walk with care, you don’t need to crawl.

  • I normally trek wearing sandals without any problems. Can I wear them on this tour?

    In our experience, due to the diverse terrain we don’t recommend you wear sandals on our tours. We suggest you wear trekking boots or shoes which cover all of your feet and have good grip to do the tours, as the terrain is rocky, slippery and sometimes muddy.

  • Can I depart after the tour from Phong Nha or Dong Hoi?

    The tour finishes in Phong Nha between 18:30 – 19:30 depending on the weather conditions and the group’s speed.
    Then you can choose to leave for Hue/Da Nang/Hoi An by sleeper bus departing from Phong Nha between 19:45 – 20:00. If your next destination is in the north of Viet Nam, a sleeper bus departs from Phong Nha at 21:00. For more detailed information, kindly visit the guidance at Arrival and Departure.
    If you would like to take the train from Dong Hoi, it’s best if your train departs after 20:30, your flight takes off after 21:30 and you have a private transfer arranged in advance with Oxalis Adventure (VND 640,000/4-7 seat car – 50 minutes driving).

Tu Lan

Tu Lan Cave Encounter

This tour is perfect if you are short on time but still want a solid taste of adventure in the amazing Tu Lan jungle and cave system.

VND 5,500,000/person

Tu Lan Cave Encounter 2 Days FAQs

Hang En

Hang En Cave Adventure

Come and explore Hang En, located within the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, and spend the night underground in its massive chamber below thousands of darting swifts.

VND 7,600,000/person

Hang En Cave Adventure 2 Days FAQs

  • Do I need to know how to swim to join this tour?

    You do not need to know how to swim for this tour, but it does involve river crossings with water up to your waist, so be prepared to get your shoes and trousers wet. If you like to swim, you are welcome to enjoy the large natural pools located next to camp within the cave.

  • Is this a good tour for photography enthusiasts?

    This is one of our best tours for photography enthusiasts. We recommend bringing a tripod and a wide-angle lens if you have it to best capture the beauty of the cave. You’ll get great shots of the campsite on the beach (you can take photos from the cliffs above) and in late December to early March, you can photograph amazing sunbeams when the sun is shining.

  • Will we encounter any dangerous animals during the night inside the cave?

    You are unlikely to come across anything dangerous inside the cave. The cave is home to thousands of swifts in the nesting season, and there are many bats year-round. Please note that the bats do not carry rabies or other infectious diseases and are harmless. We ask that you respect them (and all wildlife) by not touching them or disturbing them in any way.

  • Why is this tour ranked Adventure Level 3 when it’s just a 2-day tour?

    This tour is ranked Adventure Level 3 due to the long trek it takes to get there and back. The trek is about 10km each way and includes an enormous hill at the beginning and end of the tour. The last hour and a half coming up the hill at the end of the tour is the hardest part of the trip.

  • Can I arrive in Phong Nha on the morning of the tour and depart Phong Nha immediately after the tour?

    Yes. This tour starts with pickup between 08:00 – 08:30 AM in Phong Nha. If you plan on arriving on the morning of the tour by night bus/train, please make sure that you will be ready in the area before 07:30 AM.
    The tour normally returns to Phong Nha around 05:00 – 05:30 PM the following evening, so you would be able to depart by night bus/train to head either north or south. If you choose to travel by flight, please make sure your flight departs no earlier than 07:30 PM.
    Please check our Arrival & Departure guide for further information on buses and trains.

Hang Va

Hang Va Expedition

2-day combination ‘Hang Va & Hang Nuoc Nut’ expedition tour can be a perfect alternative for your short holiday.

VND 8,000,000/person

Hang Va Expedition 2 Days FAQs


Hang Tien Endeavor

The Hang Tien Endeavor is a great combination of jungle trekking, caving, and outdoor camping adventure. As the largest cave in Tu Lan cave system, Hang Tien is famed for its enormous size and spectacular formations.

VND 6,500,000/person ($283)

Hang Tien Endeavor 2 Days FAQs

Hang Va

Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer

This adventure tour offers the perfect balance between trekking, caving, climbing, squeezing and swimming, combined with enough time to enjoy.

VND 8,000,000/person ($348)

Wild Tu Lan Cave 3 Days FAQs

Hang Tien

Hang Tien Exploration

The exhilarating tropical jungle trekking and remarkable cave exploration will excite you in every way.

VND 8,500,000/person

Hang Tien Exploration 3 Days FAQs


Tu Lan Expedition

Provides a highly informative insight into this unique caving region, home to the most spectacular caves and jungle of Vietnam!

VND 15,000,000/person

Tu Lan Expedition 4 Days FAQs

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