Experience Tour guide

If you have plans to explore the caves and wild mountains in Quang Binh, look for Phan Dinh Dung, also known as Seven, a professional guide at Oxalis Adventure.

With over 6 years of experience leading jungle exploration tours, Dung is now one of the most experienced members of the cave exploration guide team in the Tu Lan and Phong Nha area, including the famous expedition to Son Doong Cave.

He has also tried his hand at various positions such as Tan Hoa operations manager, Riversite and Chay Lap Farmstay restaurant operations manager, but his passion for nature and outdoor activities and his love of freedom have led him to return to the role of adventure guide, which is also the advantage that has helped him fit in and bond with the adventure tourism industry up to now.

Before joining the Oxalis family, Dung worked as a tour guide at the Paradise Cave for 2 months. However, he realized that he wanted to further develop his career and experience different types of tours, so he decided to switch and join Oxalis Adventure.

Dung studied at Quang Binh University, where he honed his language skills, particularly in English, to confidently communicate with tourists from all over the world. He has also completed various training courses with the Vietnam-UK Cave Exploration Team, including first aid, river crossing, swimming, harness use, and other safety techniques for mountain climbing and cave exploration. He is also a curious person who loves to learn and acquire new knowledge, so he always has a wealth of information to provide to customers.

Aside from work, Dung is also an adventurer and explorer. He has had the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Vietnam, from the northern mountains to the southern beaches. However, Dung's favorite activity is still cave exploration in Quang Binh, where he has unique experiences that nowhere else can offer.

Dung is a very dedicated tour guide to his job. He always focuses on the safety of tourists and is always ready to support and help in any emergency situation. With good communication skills, a calm personality, and tour-leading experience, Dung will bring you a truly memorable journey.

If you want to explore interesting things and enjoy an adventurous trip in Quang Binh, book a tour with Oxalis Adventure and explore the most pristine forests and caves of this region with Dung.