Experience Guide

Nguyen Binh Minh is a young and enthusiastic tour guide with 6 years of experience at Oxalis Adventure. As an Experience Guide, he has confidently led thousands of travelers to explore the natural beauty and magnificent caves in Quang Binh using his extensive experience.

Binh Minh has a solid foundation in tourism, having graduated from the Tourism Department of Hue University and holding an international tour guide certificate. Prior to joining Oxalis, he worked as a tour guide at Ba Na Hills, where he introduced visitors to the area's landscapes and interesting stories.

At Oxalis, he has also participated in many adventure tourism training courses, such as first aid, river crossing, medical equipment, cave, and national park knowledge. He is also know for his persistent in persuing his career.

Aside from his work, Binh Minh has a huge passion for soccer and enjoys exploring the beautiful scenery. Especially, he has the desire to ride a motorbike around the country. He regularly travels and participates in other adventure activities. Some of the places he has visited include Ly Son Island, Huong Pagoda, Sa Pa, and Mekong Delta. During his travels, he strives to discover and explore new things in order to provide customers with exciting and unforgettable stories.

With many years of experience as a tour guide, Binh Minh knows how to lead tours in an attractive and safe manner, helping guests discover the natural beauty of each place he takes them. His enthusiasm and friendliness always receive positive reviews from his customers, leaving them feeling satisfied after every trip. Rest assured that when traveling with Binh Minh, you will have the most professional, safe, and enthusiastic adventure tour guide.