Senior Guide

Nguyen Thanh Dong is one of our Senior Guides. With over 5 years of working experience at Oxalis, Dong has led many tours to explore the forests and caves in Phong Nha, Quang Binh. Born and raised in Quang Binh, he understands the culture of the local people better than anyone else. He not only helps customers discover new lands but also helps them understand more about the people, history, and culture of the places they visit.

Dong has a bachelor's degree in English from Quang Binh University and has received additional training in tourism to become a tour guide. Before becoming an adventure guide at Oxalis, Dong worked as a tour guide and tour supervisor at Paradise Cave for 5 years. With a thirst for learning and a passion for challenges, he joined Oxalis as an Adventure Tour Guide and has been with the company for 5 years. At Oxalis, he participated in many training courses such as first aid, geology, rope rescue, and photography. All of these courses helped him to further strengthen his knowledge and ensure the safety and best experience for customers. He has participated in many training courses such as medical, geology, ropes climbing, and photography. All of these courses help him strengthen his knowledge and ensure safety and the best experience for customers.

His passion for travel has taken him to many places around Vietnam, including Sa Pa, Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, and Trang An in Ninh Binh, and his favorite adventure activities are rock climbing and swimming through the caves. He also has a great passion for soccer and volleyball, which is why he is one of the outstanding players of the Guide Oxalis team.

What's special about Nguyen Thanh Dong is that he's always ready to help customers. Dong is friendly, humorous and always willing to help and support others. You will never feel lost or lonely when traveling with Thanh Dong because he will always ensure that everyone is supported and helped.

His expertise and experience have made him an exceptional tour guide, as evidenced by the positive feedback he has received from customers. They have praised his helpfulness, quick action, and response, as well as his exceptional ability to help the group get to know each other, especially in difficult terrain.

If you're looking for an adventure in the jungles and caves of Vietnam, Nguyen Thanh Dong is the perfect guide for you. His passion for adventure and his attention to detail make him an excellent choice for any traveler looking to explore the unique beauty of this part of the world.