Safety Specialist

Ho Trung Hieu was born and raised in Phong Nha and is currently serving as the Safety Specialist for Oxalis Adventure. His role involves participating in the Son Doong Expeditions as a safety expert, ensuring the safety of both customers and the porter team. Additionally, he also working as an adventure tour guide (when needed) for other adventurous tours operated by Oxalis.

After completing his studies in Information Technology at a College in Da Nang, he returned to his hometown and embarked on a journey to find a job in line with his field of study. During this time, he accompanied his father and a team of cave experts from the United Kingdom to support them in their explorations of caves, especially during the filming expedition to Son Doong. It was during this trip that his passion for cave exploration truly took root.

His journey of striving is truly admirable. Starting as a porter, he worked hard and eventually transitioned to the position of Safety Assistant for Son Doong Expedition tour. During this time, he made efforts to expand his knowledge and gain more experience, completing relevant courses and certifications. Additionally, he dedicated himself to improving his English language skills with the goal of becoming a proficient tour guide. His determination and hard work paid off when he applied for the position of a tour guide in September 2015.

Not stopping there, with unwavering determination, he has diligently honed his skills, knowledge, and experience throughout his tenure as a tour guide. In addition, he actively participated in specialized safety training courses conducted by expert trainer Martin Holroyd. He successfully passed the rigorous assessments and currently holds the position of an Safety Specialist at Oxalis Adventure. As of now, he has been accompanying the company for 9 years.

As a Safety Specialist, Hieu is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the tour related to health and safety, inspecting footpaths and technical equipment, and managing cave rescue or evacuation. He is also responsible for training the assistant safety team and guides on safety procedures, including the proper use of equipment, lifeline, abseiling, river crossing harnesses, ropes, river crossing skills, first aid, and rescue techniques.

The passion for adventurous and exploratory travel has led him to pristine and remote areas, where he gained a deep understanding of the risks and challenges involved in undertaking adventurous tours. He enjoys roaming the roads of Northeastern and Northwestern provinces such as Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Yen Bai, Son La, Lai Chau, Hoa Binh, and more. Furthermore, Hieu expresses his passion for trekking and exploration through trips to rural villages in remote areas and visits to islands such as Cu Lao Cham, Ly Son, Phu Quy, Nam Du, and Cat Ba.

With enthusiasm, thoroughness, meticulousness, and agility, combined with extensive local knowledge and expertise, Hieu has become an experienced safety speacialist in the field of adventure tourism. He not only ensures safe journeys but also promises to provide you with valuable knowledge and exciting stories, making your experiences truly memorable.