Safety Specialist

Pham Hong Dai is one of our Safety Specialist with the responsibility of participating in Son Doong expedition tours to ensure that the safety of all our customers is the top priority. He oversees the work of the guides and ensures that the entire porter team adheres to safety and hygiene regulations during the journeys. Additionally, he is involved in inspecting and monitoring all other tours operated by Oxalis. He also takes part in the training and evaluation process of our guides and safety assistants.

Born and raised in Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh (a place known for its numerous caves that waiting to be explored), Pham Hong Dai developed a passion for cave exploration at a very young age. He pursued his studies and graduated from Hue University of Foreign Languages, majoring in English. During his time there, he completed the International Tour Guide program and got his license with the aspiration of returning to his hometown to contribute to the development of tourism in the district. Prior to joining Oxalis, he gained experience working at Vedana Lagoon in Hue and also served as a tutors at an International School in Hanoi.

Throughout his career as a tour guide, Pham Hong Dai has continuously sought to enhance his experience and knowledge. He has achieved this by leading tours and participating in professional training courses related to mountaineering, river crossing, cave exploration, absieling, first aid, as well as photography and filming. After seven years as an adventure tour guide, he was promoted to the position of Internal Safety Specialist in 2022. Up until now, he has been dedicated to Oxalis for over eight years.

As a afety Specialist, his main responsibility is ensuring the safety of tourists during their experiential activities while helping them capture memorable moments and share interesting information about caves, mountains, local cultural beauty, and more throughout their journey.

With his special passion for adventure tourism, Dai has participated in wilderness survival training journeys in Dong Nai, honing his survival skills. Additionally, he has traveled to various places such as Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Ly Son, and Sa Pa to further enrich his understanding of regional cultures. Dai is also one of the members of The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team that explored discovering numerous new and unique caves in Tuyen Hoa district in 2023.

Pham Hong Dai, affectionately known as Dai Bigben, is one of the early members who joined the Oxalis team since the begining. With a calm demeanor yet vibrant and humorous personality, he not only provides customers with incredibly exciting journeys and captivating stories but also imparts highly beneficial knowledge. Whether you seek adventure or exploration in activities like mountaineering or cave discovery, Dai will be a reliable companion, offering valuable information throughout the entire journey. Join Oxalis today and embark on an exploration of the magnificent beauty of the cave kingdom in Quang Binh alongside Dai!