ATV Quad Bike Tours: Explore the Home of Kong

Tan Hoa is a special village located amidst the mountains and surrounded by majestic limestone mountains. This place was once famous for its name "Quang Binh flood zone" due to the high flood water in October. Tan Hoa is also famous for “floating houses” that local people built to adapt to nature.

Tan Hoa is a beautiful village, with thatched roofs and endless green fields, with the winding Rào Nan river around the village.

This is also the location of Oxalis Adventure’s famous cave adventure tours to Tú Làn Cave System and Hang Tiên Cave. Where the Tú Làn Lodge was built on the hillside looking toward greenfields, village and mountain ranges behind. Tan Hoa is also the place where director Jordan Vogt-Roberts used as the film set for the Hollywood blockbuster film Kong: Skull Island in 2016. Tan Hoa also has a rare and precious ironwood forest that has been preserved for hundreds of years.

Tan Hoa is also gradually becoming a "rural tourism village" model through activities such as cave tourism, homestay services, local food and drink at the home of local people or shops selling local products.

In order to diversify tourism services in Tan Hoa, at the beginning of 2023, Oxalis Adventure has designed the "Exploring Kong's Home by ATV Quad Bike Tour" program. This ATV Quad Bike Tour is an interesting and exciting adventure that allows visitors to discover and explore the beauty of Tan Hoa village and the surrounding nature by ATV quad bike.

Join us on this amazing ATV Quad Bike Tour and experience the thrill of exploring the home of Kong on an ATV quad bike, while also discovering the unique culture and nature of Tan Hoa village. So, come and explore the home of Kong with us on this exciting ATV Quad Bike Tour!


The tour duration is 2 hours includes:

  • Explore the palm forest.
  • Explore the ironwood forest.
  • Explore the myrtle flowers forest.
  • Explore the Kong's tunnel.

Tour price: VND 700,000/pax (2 guests share 1 ATV); VND 1,000,000/pax (1 guest per ATV).

Includes: ATV, guide, safety staff, water bottle, light meal after tour, VAT included, and travel insurance.

Vehicle pickup: Instruction on how to use and safely operate the vehicle.

Test run: Guests will practice operating the vehicle with the guidance and supervision of safety staff before the actual tour.

Age: Guests are from 16 and above can ride ATV by themself, for those those under 16 years old can also join but sit in the back seat of an adult.

Safety instructions: Guests will be introduced to the "Lim Forest, Kong's Home" exploration route by a guide, including difficult locations and high inclines or crossings. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the home of Kong on an ATV Quad Bike Tour, and discover the unique culture and nature of Tan Hoa village. Sign up for an ATV Quad Bike Tour today and start your adventure!

There are 2 departures per day for The ATV Quad Bike Tour:
  • Morning departure is at 9:00 AM
  • Afternoon departure is at 14:00 PM

Please choose a suitable time schedule for your trip.
Please note that maximum participants for each tour is 10 customers, If you would like to book a for a larger group or private request, please contact Oxalis for further support. Thank you!

The ATV tour takes place in Tan Hoa commune of Minh Hoa district, about 70km from Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and 120km Northwest of Dong Hoi city. We are happy to offer you a private transfer service to travel between Dong Hoi and Tan Hoa. Please do not hesitate to contact Oxalis consultant team for further information and to book your transportation.

This ATV tour is also included in the 2-day-1-night package tour to discover Tan Hoa Village. This trip brings you exciting activities to enjoy the natural beauty, explore the unique culture and simple life of the locals here. Find out more about this tour package here.


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