Adventure Tour guide

Le Thanh Vuong is a Senior Guide with eight years of experience leading adventure tours of Oxalis Adventure, including the Son Doong Expedition tour - the world’s largest cave. Thanh Vuong takes his work seriously and is always open to improvement, always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best experience for his guests.

In his role as Senior Guide, Thanh Vuong is fully qualified to lead all of Oxalis's adventure tours, from the easiest to the most difficult levels. He takes pride in prioritizing the safety and conservation of all tours and is equipped to handle any issues that arise during or after tours. Thanh also supervises a team of tour guides, offering coaching and training to new guides.

Thanh Vuong has extensive experience in the adventure tourism field. Prior to joining Oxalis Adventure, Vuong managed and exploited classic caving tours at Phong Nha Tourism Center and Dark cave from 2013 to 2015. He also led English-speaking guests to Phong Nha, Tien Son, and Dark cave. Since joining Oxalis Adventure in 2015, Vuong has led all adventure caving tours of Oxalis, including Son Doong - the largest cave in the world.

He has a Bachelor of Foreign Language from Quang Binh University, a Certificate of Student Union Chairman for successfully completing tasks, a Certificate of Thai-Lao-Viet for the Student Exchange Program, and has taken various adventure tourism training courses. Vuong is also a British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team member.

Thanh Vuong loves to travel to rural, mountainous areas in Vietnam, and has an interest in adventure trekking tours. He is passionate about adventure tourism and is always excited to share his knowledge and expertise with his guests. He believes that adventure tourism is a great way to explore new places and help people connect with nature.

Customers who have gone on tours with Vương often mention him for his sense of humor, friendly and lively personality, and abundant energy. Even long after the trip has ended, Vương still manages to maintain a connection with his customers, spreading sincerity, sharing knowledge, and inspiring everyone with his love for nature. Vương will be a guide who not only provides you with an exciting and informative journey about nature and caves but also surely brings many surprises and laughter.