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Hang En Cave (Hang Én) is the world’s 3rd largest cave, also located here in the Cave Kingdom of Vietnam, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. Currently considered to be the 3rd largest cave in the world by volume after Hang Son Doong and Deer Cave in Malaysia, Hang En is quickly becoming one of the most renowned and impressive caves on the planet.
Deep inside the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, the adventure tour to Hang En has been said to have the biggest ‘wow’ factor in all of Vietnam, with the most surreal camping experience!


Meaning ‘swift’ cave after the millions of swifts that inhabit the chamber, Hang En was first explored by British caving experts in 1994, although its location has been known for centuries. Ethnic minorities from nearby villages, such as the Bru Van Kieu of Ban Doong, have used Hang En as a shelter during strong storms and as a hunting ground for local free climbers, who would scale the inverted walls to collect the nesting swifts to be eaten as a delicacy.

Ho Khanh, who discovered Hang Son Doong in 1990, explored Hang En countless times during his extensive forays into the jungle. These days the most accessible entrance to Son Doong passes directly through Hang En.

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Geology & size

Currently considered to be the third-largest cave in the world, Hang En stretches for over 2km into the karsts of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. There are three entrances to Hang En, with the largest and most famous one being over 120m tall and 140m across.
With the dense jungle forming the backdrop on the outside the cave, it is a sight that must really be seen to be believed. In some sections, the chambers are 100m high and 180m wide, so vast that even the beams from powerful headlamps barely reach the edges of the walls.

The 3 million years old wet cave was carved out by the powerful Rao Thuong River as it cuts its way through the Annamite Mountains. While the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park contains the oldest karst system in Asia, between 400-450 million years old, Hang En owes its relatively young age thanks to its location on the edge of a fault zone.
Every wet season the Rao Thuong floods to inconceivable heights, constantly eroding more and more of the limestone away as the cave continues to grow in size.

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Ban Doong Village

To reach Hang En, adventurers must first pass through the Ban Doong ethnic minority village. The only village located in the area, less than 40 people makes up the population of Ban Doong. Life is tough for the minority people here, due to their isolation from the outside world.
Access is only possible by foot, and the dense jungles surrounding Ban Doong prohibit the cultivation of most crops. The discovery of the nearby Hang Son Doong and the subsequent expeditions that now pass through the village have seen new opportunities arise for the community, who now can earn extra income by working closely with Oxalis to protect the conservation of the area. For many people, being able to visit Ban Doong and meet its welcoming villagers becomes a highlight of their trip. Ban Doong offers a view of way of life that has been unchanged for centuries.

Tourist activities

Hang En cave adventure

For two days, this is our best-value-for-money tour that includes one of the most jaw-dropping natural landscapes you will see in this lifetime. This cave is considered the second largest cave in Vietnam and third largest in the World, and it also makes up one night of the original five-day Son Doong Cave Expedition being so close to the largest cave in the world.

It includes visiting Ban Doong Ethnic Village, located in the jungle, and a magnificent campsite on a sandy beach inside the cave. It includes 22km of jungle trekking at times quite rocky, multiple knee-deep river crossings, and elevation change of 400m (the ‘hill’ you won’t forget), and 4km of caving. It costs VND 7,600,000 per person (USD 330).

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Whether you prefer long treks, camping in a cave, sleeping under the stars in the jungle, swimming underground in river caves, explore the huge dry caves or just taking an exploratory day trip, Oxalis Adventure Tours can provide the right amount of adventure just for you.

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