Assistant to the Sales Director cum Administrator Sales

Let’s get to know Dang Thi Anh Dao, an energetic and responsible Assistant to the Sales Director cum Administrator Sales. Anh Dao is responsible for overseeing the work progress and quality of the sales team. Additionally, she supports, interviews, and trains new members to ensure they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to provide the best service to customers. With her dedication and enthusiasm, she has imparted a wealth of knowledge to her colleagues.

Born and raised in Le Thuy, Quang Binh, Anh Dao attended Hue University of Economics for her higher education. Shortly after graduating, she joined Oxalis, where she gained valuable work experience. During her time there, she also participated in several training courses on CEO, SEO, and other management-related areas. Her expertise in adventure tourism is evident through her sales experience and diverse roles at Oxalis.

Before assuming the role of Assistant Director of Sales and Sales Administrator, Anh Dao held a position as an Administrative and Human Resources staff member. In that role, she worked directly with cave experts from the United Kingdom. Driven by her passion for learning and desire to be challenged and grow professionally, she sought new opportunities. Particularly, she aspired to introduce customers to exceptional experiential journeys, which led her to apply for a position in the Sales department as a Sales Administrator. With relentless dedication and continuous learning, she was selected for her current role. With nearly 10 years of experience at the company, Anh Dao has proven herself to be a valuable and dedicated member of the Oxalis Adventure team.

Anh Dao has had the privilege of gaining extensive travel and adventure experience throughout her time at Oxalis. Her journey has taken her to various enchanting destinations in Vietnam, including Ly Son Island, Ben Tre, Can Tho, and Binh Thuan. Additionally, she has embarked on explorations of new places, immersing herself in the diverse cultures of Ha Giang and Sa Pa. These remarkable locations have not only showcased awe-inspiring landscapes but have also introduced her to warm and welcoming locals. Yet, among all these incredible destinations, it is Phong Nha that holds a special place in her heart, continuously drawing her back with its undeniable charm.

With her positive attitude, friendly personality, and unwavering dedication to her work, coupled with her years of expertise in adventure tourism, Anh Dao is a highly esteemed member of the Oxalis Adventure family. She consistently inspires the sales team, silently working behind the scenes to ensure the delivery of the most fulfilling experiences for customers on their thrilling expeditions. Her contributions are truly valued, and she continues to leave a lasting impression on both colleagues and clients alike.