Tu Lan Lodge is situated along the mountainside of Tan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province, Vietnam, about 70 km northwest of Phong Nha. This is a weather-adaptive accommodation form that adapts to the Tan Hoa environment because annually in October, there will be some floods happening in this area. There are years when the water level only rises outside the field, meanwhile, there are also years, rises up to 6-8m, flooding the whole village.

Launched by Oxalis in November 2022, Tu Lan Lodge features three distinct room types, each featuring unique designs that blend luxury, modernity, and natural harmony. The whole campus is embraced by stunning scenery, featuring expansive grassy fields and majestic limestone mountain ranges that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The room types at Tu Lan Lodge

Tu Lan Lodge offers three distinct room types:

Mountain Bungalow

Situated within the lodge's grounds, these rooms are designed in a prefab house model on the mountainside. With a total of 10 rooms, they are embellished with bamboo tree cladding on the exterior, harmonizing with the rural landscape in Quang Binh. The outside space is enveloped by grassy fields and majestic limestone mountains.

Each Mountain Bungalow room features a bedroom and a private balcony space overlooking the vast field. All rooms are equipped with two-way air conditioning for both summer and winter comfort. The spacious bathrooms include a hot water system.

Travelers joining Oxalis adventure tours such as “Tu Lan Expedition”, “Hang Tien Exploration”, and “Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer” will enjoy a night's stay in the Mountain Bungalow rooms after their trekking adventure. Additionally, they will relish a dinner at a local's house in Tan Hoa and explore the rustic countryside surroundings before concluding the tour program.

For more information and booking details for our Mountain Bungalow accommodations, visit: https://tulanlodge.com/en/mountain-bungalow/

River Bungalow

River Bungalow is a weather-adaptive accommodation, located within the scenic grounds of our Tu Lan Lodge. The bungalow is designed in the style of flood-resistant floating houses of Tan Hoa residents. When flooding occurs in the area, these bungalows gently rise, ensuring you can continue your activities without disruption. This unique experience is exclusive to Tan Hoa village, where you can witness the resilience and ingenuity of the local people.

Each River Bungalow boasts a spacious 49m2 area, complete with an expansive balcony offering refreshing views of the sprawling fields and the tranquil Rao Nan River. You can immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural scenery right from your room. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of novelty, closeness to nature, and an authentic local experience.

When joining our Hang Tien Discovery tour, you will have a relaxing night at our River Bungalow after trekking. You will also enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner with locals in Tan Hoa and explore the rustic countryside scenes before concluding the tour.

For more information and booking details for our River Bungalow accommodations, visit: https://tulanlodge.com/en/riverview-bungalow/

Rural Homestay

Rural Homestay, a weather-adaptive accommodation, is based on the construction of 10 flood-resistant floating houses for households in Tan Hoa. You can stay in a cozy homestay within the homeowner's yard and enjoy an immersive experience with the local community. Oxalis sponsored the construction costs of the homestays through a non-refundable agreement, allowing the locals to own and earn from hosting travelers. Tu Lan Lodge manages, promotes, and provides guests for the Rural Homestays, ensuring professional and convenient services for you.

From the homestay, guests can relish the stunning natural panorama of Tan Hoa village, embraced by the grandeur of the surrounding mountains. The Rural Homestay serves as an ideal choice for those seeking an authentic local experience.

Guests joining Oxalis “Tu Lan Cave Encounter” and “Hang Tien Endeavor” tours get to spend a night in one of the ten homestays after trekking. They can enjoy dinner at a local Tan Hoa home, go on an ATV tour through the Lim forest, and explore the scenic countryside of Tan Hoa before concluding the tour.

For more information and booking details for our Rural Homestay accommodations, visit: https://tulanlodge.com/en/rural-homestay/


Tu Lan Lodge has a restaurant in a central location overlooking the Rao Nan River and Tan Hoa grassland. In the distance are the winding mountains on the horizon. Tu Lan Lodge Restaurant is considered as one of the most beautiful "million dollar" restaurants in Quang Binh. The restaurant specializes in serving local dishes for tourists and diners.

Tu Lan Lodge was built mainly to serve guests participating in the tours of Oxalis Adventure, however if you simply want to experience the resort service and enjoy the peace here, Oxalis is willing to serve you with full service includes a shuttle bus from Dong Hoi (airport or train station), accommodation at Tu Lan Lodge, dinner at locals’ house, breakfast and lunch at Tu Lan Lodge. Visitors can relax, walk or cycle to visit the rural villages of Tan Hoa.

Non-staying tourists can visit the restaurant and cafe area of ​​Tu Lan Lodge to enjoy coffee and enjoy the view or order local dishes for lunch and dinner.

Service prices at Tu Lan Lodge

Please check room prices and make reservations here: https://tulanlodge.com/en/ The service includes breakfast for two people and complimentary bicycles. Check-in time is from 2:00 PM and check-out is at 12:00 PM the following day.

Explore the 2-day 1-night Tan Hoa village experience package price: VND 5,500,000 for one person. It includes:

  • 1-night stay at Tu Lan Lodge
  • ATV Quad Bike Tour: Explore the Home of Kong
  • Breakfast at Tu Lan Lodge
  • Discover Rat Cave (Hang Chuột)
  • Lunch at Tu Lan Lodge (2 meals)
  • Dinner at a local's house
  • Cycling to visit the rural (countryside) villages of Tan Hoa
  • Round-trip transfer between Dong Hoi city and Tu Lan Lodge
  • Travel insurance
  • Tour guide

Cancellation policy: Reservations canceled or modified 7 days or more before the check-in date will be free of charge. Any cancellations, or changes within 7 days of the check-in date will be charged 100% of the fee.

Please make a reservation in advance via email [email protected] or phone (+84)814191678.

The Oxalis Experience.

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