Adventure Consultant

Mạc Ty Na is a charming and highly professional adventure consultant with extensive experience in the field of tourism, particularly passionate about the adventurous tours offered by Oxalis Adventure. Stemming from a love for the Expedition to Son Doong Cave, Ty Na became a consultant for Oxalis and has been closely associated with the company for three years, continuously promoting and inspiring nature-loving and cave-exploring enthusiasts.

Ty Na graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English from Da Nang University of Foreign Languages. Before joining Oxalis, Ty Na held managerial positions at renowned 5-star hotels such as the InterContinental Sun Peninsula Resort Danang, serving as the Deputy Manager of the VIP Lounge and the Manager of the Fitness Center and Spa at Caravelle Saigon Hotel. Having been trained in a 5-star environment, Ty Na exudes a highly professional demeanor and consistently satisfies even the most discerning customers.

Prior to becoming affiliated with Oxalis, Ty Na spent a considerable amount of time traveling and exploring various tourist destinations in Vietnam and across several Asian countries. With extensive experience in adventurous sports, including scuba diving in Oslo, the Philippines, mountain climbing in Ella Rock, Sri Lanka, and paragliding in Da Nang, Ty Na has immersed in diverse activities. Since joining the Oxalis team, Ty Na has participated in all tours to directly experience and understand the products, contributing to providing consultancy services for customers. Every year, driven by passion and a desire to understand competitive advantages, Ty Na embarks on additional trekking routes throughout the North and South.

Ty Na is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about various locales, making them the perfect person to assist you in planning a memorable adventure in Vietnam. Contact Ty Na today to learn more about Oxalis' adventure tours and begin planning an unforgettable journey of a lifetime!