Safety Expert

Adam Spillane is an experienced caving explorer and an exceptional Safety Expert at Oxalis Adventure. With over 30 years of experience in caving expeditions around the world, including 17 years in Vietnam, Adam has become a professional in the adventure tourism industry. His professional knowledge in the field has been accumulated through many years of travel and safety guidance for tour groups visiting and exploring Son Doong and other caves since 2011.

Before joining Oxalis, Adam was a Civil and Structural Engineer who worked and traveled in over 60 countries, often to remote areas that are less visited by tourists. His engineering experience, combined with his passion for adventure, is an important factor that he applies in his work as a Safety Expert. His extensive experience as an engineer and adventurer makes him an outstanding Safety Expert at Oxalis.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree. He is also a member of British Cave Association (BCA) and has other related professional qualifications. His passion for adventure and exploring new places is not limited to caving, as he also enjoys scuba diving, mountaineering, and touring by bicycle. His wealth of knowledge and experience is always readily available to share with others.

At Oxalis, Adam brings his expertise and love of adventure activities to every customer's journey, ensuring that they have a safe and memorable experience. His experience and passion make him a valuable asset to Oxalis Adventure.