Immersed in Nature's Embrace at Blue Diamond Camp

After experiencing thrilling cave adventures and explorations with Oxalis Adventure, visitors can choose to enjoy a night's stay at the Blue Diamond Camp, immersing yourselves in untouched natural surroundings and relaxing after a long exploring day.

Described as a "hidden gem amidst the wilderness," Blue Diamond Camp is surrounded by vast virgin forests, winding mountains, and pristine rivers and lakes. This natural landscape creates a relaxing and refreshing environment for visitors. Moreover, Blue Diamond Camp offers an exciting experience for travelers. You can participate in activities such as hiking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), swimming, fishing, and more. These activities not only allow visitors to enjoy the fresh air but also provide a sense of adventure and discovery.

Location and Surroundings

Blue Diamond Camp is located in the captivating Xuan Trach commune, nestled within the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Its prime location provides a harmonious blend of tranquility and accessibility. Situated only 2 km from the main road, reaching Blue Diamond Camp is effortless. Visitors can conveniently arrive approximately 15-20 minutes from the heart of Phong Nha or enjoy a scenic 50-minute drive from Dong Hoi Airport or the city center.

The natural surroundings of Blue Diamond Camp seamlessly blend together diverse elements of nature, forming a harmonious tapestry. Situated as a protective buffer zone for Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Blue Diamond not only provides employment opportunities for residents but also contributes to the conservation efforts of the surrounding forests, with a specific focus on the esteemed Phong Nha-Ke Bang Heritage site.

Embraced by untouched forests and the meandering Blue River, adorned with its mesmerizing emerald green waters, Blue Diamond Camp creates an awe-inspiring sanctuary of untouched natural beauty.

Camping Sites

Blue Diamond Campground offers different camping experiences to meet the needs of visitors:

Sheltered Camping Sites

Blue Diamond Camp offers four fully equipped campsites, each providing a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. These campsites are thoughtfully named after exquisite flowers: Jasmine, Orchid, Lavender, and Lily.

Each campsite boasts a designated tent area with sturdy shelters and light-blocking curtains, allowing for the setup of 8 to 12 spacious tents. Ensuring privacy and a peaceful atmosphere, these tents offer a cozy retreat amidst nature's embrace.

To enhance the visitors’ convenience, every campsite features modern bathroom facilities complete with showers and toilets. Additionally, a well-appointed cooking area is available in front of each campsite, allowing for the preparation of hot and appetizing meals with ease.

The Lily Camp holds a special charm as it is nestled amidst a verdant canopy of trees, creating a serene and tranquil environment. This particular area is often chosen for gatherings and events due to its secluded location, providing a sense of seclusion from the other campsites.

On the other hand, the Jasmine Camp, Orchid Camp, and Lavender Camp are perfectly situated alongside the picturesque Blue River. Each campsite boasts its own unique beauty and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Notably, the Orchid and Lavender campsites also feature a dedicated basketball court area, providing additional recreational opportunities for guests to enjoy.

Outdoor Camping Sites

If you want to completely embrace nature’s beauty, you have the option to go camping outdoors. You can set up your camp in the grassy area or find a spot along the Blue River’s bank. While these choices may not provide the same amenities as the sheltered campsites, they offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Picture yourself sleeping under the starry night sky, being soothed by the gentle sound of the flowing river nearby, and basking in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the natural world.

Exciting Activities at Blue Diamond

Overnight Camping

Nestled within the expansive forest, this camping area offers a pristine natural landscape that beckons visitors to completely embrace and connect with their surroundings. The emerald Blue River gracefully meanders through the area, complemented by vast grassy fields. The campsites here are thoughtfully equipped with individual amenities and shelters, ensuring privacy and protection from inclement weather conditions. Moreover, Blue Diamond Camp has implemented an innovative cooling system inspired by natural cave mechanisms, allowing for a comfortably cool sleeping environment.

As evening descends, the atmosphere becomes even more enchanting. Visitors can relish in the refreshing air and gentle symphony of nature while gathering around a crackling campfire. Families and friends can come together to savor delicious outdoor meals, share captivating stories, and bask in the soothing ambiance that surrounds them.

Enjoying BBQ and Bonfire Together

BBQ parties and campfires are exciting activities that visitors can enjoy at Blue Diamond Camp after a day of exploring and immersing in nature. The BBQ party will be organized in the camping area, which offers ample space and is adorned with sparkling lights, creating a cozy atmosphere. The camp chef will prepare delicious dishes for the BBQ in advance.

Enjoyment and Cooling Off at Blue River

When you make your way to Blue Diamond, make sure not to miss out on the exhilarating activities and refreshing swim in the Blue River. Tucked away like a hidden green gem amidst the tranquil shade of the lush forest, the Blue River promises visitors a dreamy and romantic experience.

The swimming area along the Blue River boasts a generously spacious sandy beach, providing a comfortable haven for all. With the cool canopy of trees overhead, you can luxuriate in the serene and invigorating ambiance of the river. Summer, in particular, is the perfect time to take a dip and partake in an array of thrilling activities that await you. Imagine swinging from water swings, floating on rafts, kayaking, or even trying your hand at stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) — there's no shortage of excitement!

In addition, Blue Diamond offers an underground pool that faithfully recreates the enchanting river systems found within caves like Tu Lan, Hang Va, or Son Doong. The water here originates from underground wells and undergoes regular refreshing, ensuring a pleasantly cool temperature ranging between 20-22oC (68-72oF). It's an ideal spot for a refreshing swim, especially during the summer months.

Treehouse - a serene little corner amidst nature's embrace

The treehouses at Blue Diamond Campsite are thoughtfully designed to provide a simplistic and roofless structure, allowing guests to fully engage with the beauty of their surroundings. These treehouses are carefully built with iron pillars encircling the tree trunks, ensuring the preservation and protection of the trees. In fact, they serve as supportive elements, safeguarding the trees from potential damage during inclement weather conditions such as strong winds or storms.

To access the treehouses, short wooden bridges or staircases connect them to the ground. Not only do these bridges serve a practical purpose, but they also add to the natural allure of the campsite. Outside the treehouses, sturdy railings are installed to ensure the visitors’ safety. The treehouses provide an ideal setting for relaxation and embracing the fresh air. Perched above the ground, you can admire the gentle flow of the river and the lush green panorama of the surrounding mountains and forests. It's the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of aromatic tea or coffee, engage in heartfelt conversations with loved ones, and create treasured memories together.

The sparkling tree walkway, reminiscent of a fairytale setting

The tree walkway at Blue Diamond Camp offers a truly enchanting experience, reminiscent of a fairy tale. It consists of a network of suspended bridges that link the camping areas and treehouse cafes, forming a seamless path that winds its way through untouched nature.

Strolling along the tree walkway evokes a delightful mix of tranquility and excitement as you traverse the elevated rows of trees. This adventure not only ignites a sense of exploration but also grants you a fresh perspective of the natural landscape that surrounds you. Particularly at night, the tree walkway comes alive with shimmering golden lights, transforming it into a captivating spectacle.

Kayaking Adventure on Blue River

Exploring and admiring the scenic beauty along Blue River by Kayak/SUP at Blue Diamond Camp is an unforgettable experience. Gliding on the water and gazing at the endless mountain cliffs is a wonderful relaxation experience. When paddling upriver, guests will discover Blue Lake, a hidden paradise sheltered by lush green mountains. At certain areas along the riverbank, floating platforms and water swings are also set up for guests to pause, rest, or play under the shade of trees after an adventure on the water.

Sightseeing Blue River by Boat

Exploring the Blue River by boat at Blue Diamond Camp is an exciting experience that visitors shouldn't miss. The boat is uniquely designed in a long and spacious D-shape, with a capacity of up to 10 people, and is controlled by the boat operator. There is also a bicycle on the boat, connected to two large fan systems. When visitors pedal their bikes to drive the boat on Blue River, the fans will rotate and create wind force to propel the boat forward.

Blue's Service Offerings

Daytime Discovery

With its expansive 5-hectare grounds and diverse, abundant natural landscapes, you can fully engage in numerous fun activities that immerse you in nature, exclusively at Blue Diamond Camp. These activities include exploring Blue River on wind-powered boats, enjoying refreshing swims in the pristine mountain lake, engaging in SUP/Kayak paddling, and participating in many other exciting activities.

Overnight Camping

The well-equipped and separate camping areas at Blue Diamond Camp allow visitors to enjoy the wilderness while still experiencing the camping’s comforts. The campgrounds are equipped with shelters and individual facilities, providing privacy and protection from adverse weather conditions. Moreover, Blue Diamond Camp features a cooling system that simulates the natural cooling mechanisms of caves, helping to reduce temperatures and provide a comfortable and cool sleeping environment. All of these amenities create a comfortable, convenient, and environmentally friendly camping space.

Wellness Travel amidst Nature

Without the cars’ honking or the engines’ noise, the environment at Blue Diamond creates a tranquil space. Therefore, you can enjoy nature’s sounds and listen to the gentle flow of the river. With lush green carpets of grass stretching out, it is an ideal place to pause, relax your soul, and improve your well-being. Visitors can also participate in activities that enhance both physical and mental health, such as overnight camping experiences, gathering around the campfire and enjoying BBQ feasts, exploring and swimming in Blue River, swimming in the underground pool, walking on tree-lined paths, engaging in group exercise with Kayaking, cycling, and leisurely strolls in the cool green forest. Each moment spent here will contribute to purifying your soul, restoring balance, and replenishing your energy.

Nature-inspired Meeting

The nature-inspired meeting services at Blue Diamond Camp are an ideal choice for seminars, conferences, or corporate events that you want to organize in a unique environment. Blue Diamond Camp can accommodate groups ranging from 25 to 50 guests. The meeting rooms offer flexible spaces for interaction and can be arranged according to the client's requirements. Blue Diamond Camp also provides modern amenities such as sound systems, lighting, and projectors, ensuring that your meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

Team Building

Blue Diamond Camp offers a diverse and flexible Team Building service, allowing the design and customization of programs according to each company's or team's specific requirements. The goal is to provide unique and different experiences based on the location's strengths, scenery, facilities, and people at Blue Diamond.

On-demand Services

In addition to the available services, Blue Diamond is also ready to design and customize on-demand services that are suitable for the schedule and time frame according to the guests' needs. This includes preparing for activities, providing diverse program options, and arranging appropriate facilities and equipment. Furthermore, Blue Diamond is willing to provide advice and support to guests throughout the planning and organizing process, ensuring that all requests are met and every detail is taken care of meticulously.

Facilities and Amenities

Public Spaces and Essential Services

  • Luxury Camping Site: With a roof and individual amenities for each campsite, it provides comfort to customers without being affected by the weather, especially on rainy and windy days.
  • Private Bathrooms: Each campsite is equipped with a bathroom with a shower and a separate toilet, ensuring convenience and privacy for customers.
  • Natural Cooling System: It utilizes a cooling system that mimics the natural mechanisms of a cave, including a roof structure and misting system, providing relaxing moments and a cool sleeping environment for customers.
  • Solar Energy Usage: The entire electricity system of Blue Diamond uses solar energy, along with a battery storage system to ensure power supply for lighting, clean water, sanitation, and daily activities.

Food and Beverage Services

To ensure convenience and comfort for guests, a kitchen will be set up near the camping areas, providing facilities for cooking and on-site food service. Additionally, to meet the demand for tea and coffee enjoyment, the caretakers will prepare hot water for guests to brew according to their preferences.

Recreational and Sports Facilities

Blue Diamond Camp provides a variety of entertainment and sports activities to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience for guests during their vacations.

  • Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): Blue Diamond Camp offers kayaking and SUP services for you to explore the Blue River and immerse yourself in the beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Swimming at Blue River: You can cool off and relax by swimming in the Blue River, which offers a beautiful setting and a refreshing atmosphere.
  • Underground Swimming Pool: Blue Diamond Camp features a unique underground swimming pool, providing a different and unforgettable swimming experience.
  • Treehouse Exploration: You can explore the treehouses in the camping area while enjoying the peaceful view of the serene river and surrounding forest. It's a perfect spot to sip tea or coffee, chat, and bond with loved ones.
  • BBQ: Blue Diamond Camp provides BBQ catering services, allowing you to enjoy delicious food and create memorable moments in the midst of nature with your loved ones.

Contact and Booking

Contact information and address

For any further information or inquiries, please contact:

  • Address: Hamlet 2, Xuan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +84 911 030 057

The process of booking and the requirements

You can make direct reservations at:

  • Website:
  • Fanpage: Blue Diamond Camp | Facebook
  • Phone number: 0911 030 057
  • Email: [email protected]

Important information

How to get into Blue Diamond Camp

Blue Diamond Camp is located in Thon 2, Xuan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province. If you are traveling by car, you can reach it from nearby cities such as Dong Hoi or Hue. From Dong Hoi Airport, you can take National Highway 1A heading south for about 40 km to Xuan Trach Commune. From Hue, you can take National Highway 1A heading north for about 170 km to Xuan Trach Commune. Blue Diamond Camp is approximately 2 km from National Highway 1A, and you can follow the signs to find your way there.

Weather at Blue Diamond Camp

The weather here is influenced by the tropical monsoon climate. From September to November, there may be heavy rain and storms. During the winter season, from December to February, there are sunny days and cold rainy days. January and February are the best time when the weather gradually warms up but is not too hot, making it very suitable for outdoor activities and sightseeing. In the summer, due to being surrounded by limestone mountains and having a cool blue river, the weather at Blue Diamond is not as hot as in other areas.

Necessary Supplies

Basically, Blue Diamond Camp has fully prepared all the necessary equipment and supplies for all activities of guests. However, to ensure your comfort, you may consider bringing some personal items:

  • Personal belongings: clothes, shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc.
  • Specific medications or any particular medicines you usually use

Additionally, when you arrive at Blue Diamond Camp, you can also directly contact the reception or service staff for more detailed information and to ensure the necessary equipment for your stay.

With its pristine and peaceful natural landscape, diverse recreational activities, and sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, Blue Diamond Camp undoubtedly offers memorable experiences and a special connection with nature. Whether you are seeking a nature-immersed retreat or looking to relax after a long day exploring caves with Oxalis Adventure, come to Blue Diamond Camp today!


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