Tour Guide

Le Thanh Dat is a native man of Hanoi, currently residing and working in Phong Nha as an adventure tour guide. He holds the position of Senior Guide, ensuring that every visitor has a fulfilling experience through his extensive knowledge, expertise, and nearly 7 years of guiding experience. In addition to providing valuable insights and sharing his expertise, Le Thanh Dat also prioritizes the safety of both customers and the support team by strictly adhering to established safety protocols throughout the journey.

Le Thanh Dat graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies from the Hue University of Foreign Languages in 2016. After attending a job conference organized by the Phong Nha Tourism Center in Hue, Dat applied for a tour guide position at the Dark Cave. His passion for caves and adventurous tourism grew stronger as he worked there. Seeking new environments to challenge himself and enhance his professional knowledge in the field of cave exploration, Dat applied to Oxalis in 2017.

At Oxalis, he underwent training and received instruction on safety skills, cave knowledge, and cave rescue training from cave experts from the United Kingdom. Additionally, each year he participates in first-aid training courses organized by the Vietnam Red Cross.

On a daily basis, apart from wholeheartedly guiding tourists to explore the hidden wonders within the pristine forests and magnificent caves, Le Thanh Dat ensures that every step of the journey is filled with excitement and safety. With profound knowledge of the Phong Nha region and the ability to create memorable experiences, he guarantees that each stride taken during the adventure is both fascinating and secure.

Throughout his 7-year career as an adventure tour guide, he has led numerous groups of tourists on various cave expeditions with Oxalis, including the renowned exploration of Son Doong Cave - the largest cave in the world. With his expertise and professional experience in adventure tourism, he ensures each expedition is incredibly exciting, confidently facing any situation or challenge that may arise. His deep understanding and competence in the field have enabled him to deliver captivating and unforgettable journeys.

Le Thanh Dat's passion for exploration extends beyond his work, as he showcases that passion through personal trips to various destinations. He has conquered five mountain peaks in the northern mountains of Vietnam, embracing the natural beauty and tranquillity they offer. Le Thanh Dat has also visited Siem Reap, where he immersed himself in the captivating history and mysteries of the ancient Angkor Wat temple.

Dat is a nature enthusiast, passionate photographer, lover of landscapes, and an adventurous soul. He has a calm demeanor but is also known for his sense of humor. When joining expeditions with Oxalis, guests will have an unforgettable trip with the diverse and extraordinary experiences they encounter, as well as the dedicated, enthusiastic, and attentive guidance provided by tour guide Le Thanh Dat.