Safety Specialist

Pham Duc Dung is one of our Safety Speacialist, entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring safety for all tours operated by Oxalis. He actively participates in the Son Doong Expedition tour as a safety specialist, and also conducts regular inspections and monitoring of other tours organized by Oxalis to ensure compliance with safety procedures and regulations.

Born and raised in a small countryside area near Hue City, he pursued a degree in Business Administration at the University of Economics Da Nang. After graduating, his deep passion for exploring nature since childhood motivated him to further his studies in two English majors at Hue University of Foreign Languages, aspiring to become a tour guide or find work closely connected to nature.

Following graduation, he tested his skills with a position at SunSpa Resort Quang Binh and worked as a guide at the Paradise Cave. However, driven by a desire to experience new and unique tour opportunities, he made the decision to join Oxalis, where he has been dedicated for over 8 years.

Throughout his career as a tour guide, he has consistently demonstrated perseverance, a thirst for knowledge, and a willingness to wholeheartedly commit to his work. He has actively participated in and excelled in training courses focused on safety skills, rescue equipment usage, as well as installation and operation of rescue systems. Additionally, he has undertaken training programs covering cave knowledge, rescue procedures, and has obtained international tour guide certification, emergency response certification, and safety specialist accreditation. It is due to these accomplishments that he was selected and promoted to the position of Safety Specialist at Oxalis Adventure.

As a Safety Specialist, he supervises all safety-related activities during the tours, conducts inspections of pathways and technical equipment, and oversees emergency evacuation and rescue operations. He also seizes the opportunity to join expeditions in search of new caves alongside royal cave experts from the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, he is tasked with coordinating and designing team-building activities, leveraging his outgoing personality, meticulous nature, and a great sense of humor, along with his excellent facilitation skills.

Until the present time, Dung thoroughly enjoys the work he undertakes and eagerly looks forward to more opportunities to explore and survey new caves in Phong Nha and other provinces in Vietnam.