Junior Guide

Nguyen Van Phi is a born and bred local of Khe Gat, a tranquil village about 16km away from Phong Nha. The rich history, stunning limestone mountains, and breathtaking scenery of his hometown have always captivated and inspired him to become a tour guide and showcase its natural wonders to visitors. Currently, Phi is living out his dream as an adventure guide at Oxalis Adventure, where he gets to share stories about his beloved homeland and its heroic past, as well as his extensive knowledge of the local caves and nature, with tourists from all over the world.

Phi graduated from the Tourism Department of Hue University in 2019 with a major in tour guiding. Before joining Oxalis, Phi worked as a tour guide and salesperson for a Central Vietnam Heritage Tour Company. However, adventure tourism has always been his passion. As a local, Phi knows about the limestone terrain and caves here like the back of his hand. When he joined Oxalis Adventure, he was trained in all the necessary skills and how to handle situations on adventure tours.

Since joining Oxalis Adventure, Phi has participated in several training courses on rescue skills, technical training, and medical training. As a result, he has gained a solid foundation of expertise and skills to provide customers with the best possible experience. Customers have praised Phi for his knowledge and experience during their tours. In addition to being a young, enthusiastic guide who leads visitors on explorations of nature and provides information about the caves and local area, Phi also has a responsibility to ensure safety and provide customers with unforgettable experiences.

Phi is a nature lover, likes to explore new things, and enjoys great moments in nature. His favorite adventure activity during the tour is swimming in the underground river of the cave. It is a wonderful feeling, and he believes it is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the cave.

If you plan to explore the nature and caves of Quang Binh, with his friendly, patient, and enthusiastic personality, Nguyen Van Phi will be an excellent tour guide who ensures you have an exciting and unforgettable trip here.