Adventure Consultant

Bui Thanh Dat was born and raised in Quang Binh is one of the passionate adventure travel consultants at Oxalis. He is dedicated to helping you have a memorable adventure in Quang Binh. On a daily basis, his job involves finding adventure enthusiasts and assisting them in choosing the right tour for themselves. Additionally, Dat supports travelers in preparing for their upcoming adventure and collaborates with safety experts and other departments to ensure a safe and memorable experience with Oxalis.

Dat graduated from Danang University of Foreign Languages with a Bachelor's degree in English Language - Tourism specialization. Throughout his academic journey, he has accumulated knowledge in the field of adventure travel. Moreover, Dat has personally experienced and gained valuable insights in this type of tourism to further enhance his expertise.

Prior to joining Oxalis, Dat had three years of experience working at the Hyatt Corporation as a Customer Service Specialist. However, driven by the desire to pursue his passion and contribute to the development of tourism in his homeland, he decided to leave his job in Danang and return to Quang Binh. Dat applied to Oxalis and was hired as an Adventure Travel Consultant. He has been working at Oxalis since 2022, during which time he has participated in three adventurous trips, including the Tu Lan Encounter (TL2), Hang Va Expedition (HV2), and the Son Doong Cave Expedition tour - the largest cave in the world.

Dat's passion for adventure travel extends beyond his professional life and permeates into his personal life as well. He has traveled extensively, exploring various regions from the North to the South of Vietnam. In 2015, Dat successfully conquered the peak of Fansipan, also known as the Roof of Indochina. In 2017, he further ventured to Mui Doi, a place renowned as the Far East of Vietnam.

With his extensive knowledge and deep passion for adventure travel, combined with his youthful enthusiasm and dynamism, Dat is an ideal consultant to help you discover the unique caves and magnificent beauty of Quang Binh, as well as other destinations throughout Vietnam.