Oxalis Adventure takes pride in having member organizations in and around Phong Nha that beautifully blend with Oxalis and aim to provide the most amazing travel experience one can imagine, fusing all the desirable elements of traveling! Our members are Chay Lap Farmstay, Di Di Thoi, Oxalis Home and Son Doong Bungalow.

While the Chay Lap Farmstay will welcome you like family and give you a true sense of rustic beauty and heritage through accommodation, Di Di Thoi will ensure you get the perfect taste of Phong Nha through unforgettable classic tours and activities. You will wake up to the views of majestic karst mountains and the gorgeous Son River when staying at Oxalis Home, and the Son Doong Bungalow will charm you with incredible boutique living surrounded by lush greenery!

For those who wish to make the most of their trip and get the best of what Phong Nha has to offer, Oxalis Adventure and its above-mentioned affiliates leave no stones unturned in terms of service and dedication towards providing a surreal experience for travelers.

When you book any Oxalis Adventure tour through the website (oxalisadventure.com), you’ll be able to avail the following offers at our affiliate companies in Phong Nha:

Chay Lap Farmstay: Discount 10% on room rate.

Di Di Thoi: 10% Discount on all tour prices.

Note: You will not be eligible to use these special offers if you cancel your Oxalis tour post booking.

Tú Làn Lodge is a unique resort located along the mountainside in Tan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province, about 70km northwest of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Sitting 15m above the ground and nestled alongside the limestone mountain, Tú Làn Lodge offers a spacious and panoramic view of the beautiful valley of Tan Hoa, surrounded by lush green fields and majestic limestone mountains. This is an ideal destination for those who seek tranquility and proximity to nature.

Tú Làn Lodge is a hotel designed with two models: a 10-room mountain lodge and a 10-room stilt house built in the style of the local people in Tan Hoa, which will be completed in 2023. This place is part of the experience for tourists participating in the multi-day tours of Oxalis Adventure to discover the Tu Lan and Hang Tien caves.

In addition, for those who simply want to experience the resort's services, Tú Làn Lodge also offers accommodation and all-inclusive tours that include transportation, lodging, meals, and special experiences. You can enjoy a night's stay at Tú Làn Lodge, savor dinner at a local family's house, visit the countryside, or take an exciting ATV off-road tour to explore the Lim forest.

Not only for lodging guests, but the restaurant area of Tú Làn Lodge is also an ideal place to enjoy coffee, admire the scenery and order local dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Visit Tú Làn Lodge for more information: Tú Làn Lodge.

The Chay Lap Farmstay in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam hosts everyone by this notion and since its inception, it has redefined the entire accommodation spectrum of the local region; travelers from every part of the world visit Chay Lap and take away incredibly special memories of Vietnam. Ideally located in a way that it faces the “Adventure Capital of Asia” – the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, the Chay Lap Farmstay has set an unmatchable benchmark when it comes to luxury with a perfect tinge of tradition.

When you arrive at the Chay Lap Farmstay, you will find that you’re surrounded by gorgeous farming fields and grazing lands that are owned by the local villagers; this region of Vietnam remains serene and immaculate even with the rapid growth of tourism. This exceptional farmstay retreat has individual houses with rooms for accommodation inside and these low level houses have been designed very beautifully to add to the charm of the entire place.

This fantastic abode sits majestically on 1.8 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens and farm plots. The Chay Lap Farmstay is considered to be one of the best places to stay in Vietnam and the fact that it is located near the entrance to one of the world’s top natural world heritage sites, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, gives it a very powerful touch of Mother Nature.

What makes the Chay Lap Farmstay one of the most unique accommodations in Vietnam is how it fuses the authentic Vietnamese experience with boutique living in the most spectacular surroundings you can find in this part of the world! If you don’t wish to spend your time in Vietnam staying at just another fancy yet monotonous hotel room, this is the place to be.

Read more information about Chay Lap Farmstay or simply check out the website for available rooms & services here: https://chaylapfarmstay.com/

The Oxalis home, ideally located at the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and along the peaceful Son River, tempted us with its scenic location with its proximity to adventure and boasts of some of the best views in Phong Nha. The lure of the limestone mountains, the winding river, and a mysterious cave system was indeed too strong, and we soon found ourselves in the spectacular Quang Binh Province, and on our way to Phong Nha town.

Mountain View rooms are ideal for those looking to soak up the sights of the Karst Mountains and green rice paddies; each River View room comes with a private balcony with the view to the legendary Son River. The Expedition Cafe on the ground floor serves fresh, flavorful food along with Vietnamese coffee, smoothies, and refreshing juices.  Free use of bicycle and kayak for customers to enjoy exploring the wonderful surrounding nature. Moreover, a camping package is available if you want to spend a night sleeping in a tent next to the dreamy Son River, this will surely a highlight of your Phong Nha journey.

Read more information about Oxalis Home or simply check out the website for available rooms & services here: https://oxalishome.com/

P/S: Oxalis now offers a free 6-bed dorm room at the Oxalis Home in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, only for travelers who have an Oxalis tour booked in their name.

Son Doong Bungalow based in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh, Vietnam is an accommodation that blends luxury with a taste of Vietnamese traditions and some of the dreamiest landscapes that you would ever find! Given that Phong Nha lies in the heart of Vietnam and is blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery, amazing culture and kindest locals, staying at the Son Doong Bungalow is surely a win-win also due to its ideal location.

There are various factors that make the Son Doong Bungalow as special as it is and sets it apart in the eyes of travelers and locals alike. Let’s start by telling you about the name; the Son Doong Bungalow is named after the mightiest of the mighty Son Doong cave – the largest cave on Earth! This is primarily due to the fact this bungalow is located in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, like the Son Doong cave itself and also the fact that all the adventurers that join the Son Doong Expedition with Oxalis Adventure stay at the Son Doong Bungalow prior to the commencement of their journey to the world’s largest cave.

Like the other unique accommodations in Phong Nha, the Son Doong Bungalow also came into being to give travelers a true sense of life in Phong Nha and its unparalleled beauty, along with generating employment for the locals. The staff at the Son Doong Bungalow comprises of only locals, who have worked hard to learn English communication and serve the guests to the best of their ability and always believe in ‘service with a smile’!

Read more information about Son Doong Bungalow and check out their best offers of rooms & services!

Embracing the principle of "Connecting with nature" Blue Diamond Camp, located in Xuan Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, is a multi-purpose camping site offering various amenities and diverse nature-based activities. These activities include camping, wind-powered cruising, kayaking, swimming in the underground pool, etc. Our campsite is designed to provide a comprehensive and flexible experience for individuals who seek to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Blue Diamond Camp is nestled within the heart of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Despite its secluded location, the campsite is easily accessible within a 15-minute drive from the centre of Phong Nha town via traditional transportation methods.

Owning an extensive 5-hectare property with the meandering Blue River encircling it, our campsite offers a lush and inviting space for relaxation and complete immersion in nature. At this remarkable destination, you will find four versatile camping houses with sheltering roofs that provide a perfect blend of relaxation and open meeting spaces. These houses are ideal for hosting various events like workshops, conferences, training sessions, galas, and more, all amidst the beautiful natural surroundings. Each camping house is equipped with a modern bathroom facility that includes refreshing showers, hot water, and clean restrooms.

In addition to being built using a pre-fabricated modular design to save time and minimize environmental impact, Blue Diamond Camp is the first fully-equipped camping site in Quang Binh and Vietnam that utilizes renewable energy. We harness solar power for our electricity, and lighting systems, and have a backup solar energy station. We also have wind-powered cruising, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly experience for our guests.

Furthermore, by committing to contributing to the sustainable development of society and the environment, Blue Diamond Camp creates a harmonious connection between people and the vastness of nature. We offer visitors a unique and immersive experience right in the heart of a heritage site, while still providing modern amenities and convenience. Explore more about the services offered at Blue Diamond Camp by clicking here.

Lacàph is sponsoring filter coffee for Oxalis in 2024. You can enjoy Lacàph coffee when participating in the Son Doong Expedition and Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition.

To deliver high-quality coffee products, Lacàph sources ingredients from traditional coffee-growing families across Vietnam. Lacàph offers unique coffee blends, including Filter Blend with a gentle and harmonious flavor, Phin Blend with a stronger coffee taste, and Espresso Blend which combines the best of both types of beans. Additionally, Lacàph’s mission is to share Vietnamese coffee and culture with curious people everywhere.

For more information about Lacàph and join the experiences, visit website: https://www.lacaph.com/en/ .

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