Experience Guide

Let's get to know about Ho Trong Dai - an Experience Guide born and raised in the Phong Nha area. With the advantage of being a local tour guide and having worked for Oxalis for over 6 years, Dai has led thousands of tourists on exciting adventures in Phong Nha, a place he knows like the back of his hand.

Dai graduated from Hue University of Education. Before entering the field of adventure tourism and became an adventure tour guide, he was a history teacher at Nguyen Hue High School in Hue City. In order to improve his teaching skills, he also pursued a Master's degree for a period of time. However, his love for nature and the magnificent cave system of Phong Nha urged him to learn English and obtain a tour guide English certificate to become an adventure tour guide. He also has an International Tour Guide License and has been professionally trained in geology and skills.

Dai is not only a talented adventure tour guide, but also a travel enthusiast who always wants to explore new and special things and has a passion for activities such as mountain climbing, cave exploration, and cloud hunting. He has been to many places in Vietnam, from the Northwest to the Central and down to the South. This helps him understand more about the culture and people in different regions and gain more knowledge to share with his customers.

As a tour guide, his daily work is to accompany and guide customers to explore caves and nature in Oxalis adventure tours. He also works with other assistants and porters to ensure a safe and exciting experience for customers. His dedication to his work and the safety of his customers is evident through the excellent feedback he receives from them. They appreciate him for his friendliness, patience, good safety assurance, and always being ready to assist on difficult paths during the trip. This makes him one of the outstanding tour guides of Oxalis.

If you are planning an adventure tour with Oxalis, Tour Guide Ho Trong Dai will certainly bring you amazing experiences with his abundant knowledge and experience.