Sales Director at Oxalis Adventure

Nguyen Anh Duc is the Sale Director of Oxalis Adventure, leading the team of sales and consulting staff of the company to provide the best experiences for Oxalis Adventure's customers.

Before joining Oxalis, Anh Duc worked as an English translator for a mechanical engineering company in Hanoi from 2010 to 2011. He joined Oxalis in 2012 as an adventure tour guide, quickly demonstrating his skills and enthusiasm for the job. In 2014, he was promoted to Tour Operations Manager, responsible for managing tour operations, ensuring service quality and safety for all of Oxalis's adventure tours. In 2018, he was promoted to Director of Tour Operations. In his new role, in addition to managing tour operations, he also participates in developing and implementing new products and services, working closely with the sale and marketing teams to create effective strategies to promote the Oxalis Adventure brand and attract more customers.

In 2021, Mr. Anh Duc took a big turning point when he was appointed as the Sale Director, responsible for the entire sale and customer care activities of Oxalis Adventure. With his extensive experience and understanding of customers for over 9 years in the Tour Operations Department, he quickly showed his ability to manage tour booking operations, directly handling any customer issues during the tour booking process. In addition, he is also responsible for planning and implementing various film projects and special promotional projects for Oxalis Adventure. Mr. Anh Duc is a manager who always listens and motivates his team to deliver great first impressions and the best experiences for customers when they first approach Oxalis.

Duc loves traveling and exploring new places. He has visited and studied in many places in Vietnam, such as Sapa, the Mekong Delta, and the Central Highlands, as well as other countries such as Laos, Thailand, and Indonesia. In addition to Oxalis Adventure's favorite products such as Tu Lan, Hang En, Son Doong Cave, and Va Cave, he is also very interested in some adventurous activities in the region such as the Rock Viewpoint in Laos, rafting in Bali, Indonesia and ziplining in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Duc is always enthusiastic and dedicated to his work and customers. He always tries to provide the best service for customers and partners and is always willing to share his knowledge and passion for adventure travel with anyone who wants to join in the great journeys of Oxalis Adventure.

Nguyen Anh Duc holds a Bachelor's degree in English Language from the University of Foreign Languages - Hue University. He has participated in many training courses during his time at Oxalis, including CEO training, management skills, business management, and specialized courses on cave exploration safety. Duc is also a member of the British Cave Association (BCA) and the British Cave Research Association (BCRA).