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Hang Va is one of the most treasured caves in the Phong Nha National Park and arguably the whole world, home to some of the rarest formations seen anywhere on Earth. Hang Va is located deep in the park quite close to the world-famous Son Doong Cave, and it is thought to be part of the same cave system.

You will see fascinating wet and dry gours (pools) with numerous conical calcite formations that have been named as the Tower Cones. This cave is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and magical of all caves in Phong Nha.


Hang Va & Hang Nuoc Nut is a part of Phong Nha Cave System Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – which was announced to be the World’s Natural Heritage Site two times by UNESCO.

Since the second recognition of Phong Nha national park as a World Heritage Site in 2009, the area had been getting more attention from not only geographic researchers and adventure seekers over the globe.

More than a decade after the exploration of Hang En (the third-largest cave of the world) in 1994 and just 3 years after the discovery of Son Doong, the world’s biggest cave in 2019, Hang Va was brought to light thanks to a series of geographic research on the whole area of Phong Nha National Park in 2012 by a team of British cave researchers...

An interesting finding from the research also demonstrated that Hang Va and Son Doong – the World’s biggest cave - are not physically connected, but they both share the same underground waterflow. Some of pioneer researchers into the cave agreed that the formations of rare stalagmites & stalactites of Hang Va are even more stunning and extraordinary than those in Son Doong Cave. However, the facts have been left for you to witness and prove it in person.

Acknowledge of the extensive series of very large cave passage that drain through the blocks of limestone, a British – Vietnamese Cave expedition team believed to explore new caves in the area in 2012. The result was beyond the expectation; the team discovered the new caves: Hang Va & Hang Nuoc Nut with the world’s top unique formations.

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Cave formation

Hang Va is home to fascinating cave formations including the tower cones, spread across an entire passage that reaches a width of about 85m. There are more than a hundred calcite cones rising from the Earth in some mysterious way. These Hang Va Tower Cones are all very steep, and they reach heights of around 2m each. There is some uncertainty in exactly how these cones have formed.

Their characteristics are comparable with some features of cones, recorded in other caves, that are either raft cones or geysermites, but many different processes have created their present structure, making them incredibly unique and worth visiting if you have a chance.

The cones of Hang Va have many similar features of Raft Cones – these calcite rafts usually form as a thin layer on the surface of cave pools. They sink into the pool either under their own weight when they grow too thick, or when hit by a drop of water falling from the cave roof. A repeated drip from the same place sinks a number of rafts that then build up on the pool floor to create a cone, which may reach to the level of the water surface. These are known as raft cones, because they are cones formed from calcite rafts. Steep sided cones are more often called tower cones. It is not known exactly why some cones form very steeply, and other with a more shallow slope. A striking feature of the tower cones in Hang Va, and those in many other caves, is the external layer of calcite that gives them a knobbly appearance and also hides any structure remaining from the original piles of rafts.

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Tourist activities

Hang Va Expedition 2 Days

Our Hang Va Expedition is for those seeking a challenging jungle adventure combined with some real caving opportunities to discover some of the rarest formations in Vietnam. This tour is typically booked as an addition to the Son Doong Cave Expedition, or for those looking for a short, yet challenging ‘tour’ in Phong Nha National Park. This trip also includes a visit to Nuoc Nut, a smaller cave visited on a one-day tour by Oxalis Adventure Tours.

This trekking tour includes up to 10km of trekking and 3 km of caving. It is considered more difficult then any other two-day experience with Oxalis. It involves rock scrambling, wading through an underground river, bouldering and rope-traversing within the cave, to reach the rarest tower cone formations. It costs VND 8,000,000 per person (equivalent to USD 348).

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