Oxalis Adventure strives to make positive impacts both within Phong Nha town, the main headquarters located next to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, and Tan Hoa, the secondary headquarters located next to the Tu Lan jungle and cave system.

Besides offering high-quality adventure tour products and providing a great experience for visitors, Oxalis Adventure focuses on the following core values during its business.


Environmental conservation and sustainable environmental practices are visible on every tour. Within the caves, strict paths are set so that erosion is kept to a minimum and delicate formations are protected. National Park rangers also join tours that run within the national park to ensure that Oxalis Adventure is protecting it.

Everything that is brought into the jungle or caves is also brought out and there is no permanent infrastructure. Composting toilets are set up at campsites to protect the jungle and waterways from raw waste. We also conduct regular environmental impact assessments. Tours are closed for several months each year for the jungle and caves to recover.

Each year, between mid September to mid November, Oxalis Adventure will close the jungle and caves to avoid bad weather and also to give the jungle and the caves sometimes to "rest". Environmental impact assessments are also carried out regularly, such as checking water quality to ensure there is not any negative impact on surrounding rivers.


Oxalis Adventure is offering adventure caving and trekking tours at remote jungle and cave locations in Quang Binh province, central Vietnam. Ensuring safety for guests and staff has always been a top priority at Oxalis. We organize small groups from 10 to 12 people at a time, except Hang En Cave tour which has a maximum of 16 guests.

Guests and staff will be provided with personal safety equipment such helmet, light, gloves for caving and buoyancy aid for swimming where needed on the regular adventure tours. In some of the expedition tours a higher level of technical support such as climbing ropes, ladders, sit harness, chest harness, lifeline and belay for extra safety will be provided and operated by the safety team. All of the equipment Oxalis Adventure is using has been sourced from established and reliable equipment manufacturers such as Petzl, Beal, Hope Technology. Safety equipment is tested for use and well maintained in accordance with EU safety standards.

Depending on the type of adventure tour and adventure level, Oxalis Adventure will provide an appropriate number of cave experts, guides, safety assistants, and porters to look after safety for guests.

All guides and safety assistants are trained by Cave Experts from The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team on the use and operation of safety equipment. The Caving Experts also regularly conduct inspections of the equipment and its use in compliance with safety standards.


Oxalis Adventure has always taken health and food hygiene as its top priorities since day one of operation. All guests and staff are provided with filtered drinking water at all times. The filters are from Watts Water Technologies, a US Company. All staff know that if they are sick, they should not go on tour. Liquid hand sanitiser is always provided and campsites have soap and water hand washing stations. Staff who prepare meals are fully trained in food hygiene standards; avoiding cross contamination with raw and cooked food; using gloves to handle food; washing cooking and eating items with soap and water, and sterilising with boiling water etc. Oxalis Adventure conducts regular deep cleaning of the campsite with sodium hypochlorite (anolyte) and Chloramin B. Sleeping bags and tents will also have a decontamination wash. Our cooks will have 6 monthly health checks. All porters and guides have annual health checks. Oxalis will keep up to date with any local or international health issues which could affect our guests.


Transparency in business is also one of the factors for sustainable business. Oxalis Adventure is committed to transparency, ethics and working in compliance with local laws, and uses an auditing assurance service from PwC Vietnam Ltd to verify our accounting and taxes. Oxalis is also dedicated to social accountability and labor law.

Local Community Involvement

Empowering the local economy is an important tenet of the Oxalis Adventure philosophy – and has been since the beginning. As we continue to grow, more locals are employed, including sales executives, operations team members, accountants, tour guides, kitchen and hotel staff, and – the backbone of the organization— the porter team.

Oxalis considers the engagement of local community in its tourism activities is a "business strategy" rather than a "responsible tourism" obligation. Local community adds value to the experience of visitors who can appreciate the unique and rich aspects of the local culture and nature. Oxalis also empowers the local community to not only participate but also own and operate the tourism services they provide.

The Oxalis Foundation

Sustainability within the community context is enhanced by the activities of the Oxalis Foundation. The Oxalis Foundation has launched several projects since its creation in 2014, including providing financial support to local homestays, training assistance to local businesses, scholarships and helping to build schools, septic toilets, libraries, building floating houses for poor people in the heavily flooded area of Tan Hoa and more.

Future Efforts

By committing to sustainability, Oxalis can ensure proper conservation of the cave kingdom’s most prized gems for today and future generations, and also promote responsible travel and tourism development.

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