Marketing Content Lead

H'Anetta Buôn Yă is currently working as a Content Lead in the Marketing department at Oxalis Adventure, responsible for managing the company's media and content marketing activities. In this role, H'Anetta also represents the company working with media partners, KOLs, and the press to develop content for communication and product promotion.

H’Anetta hailed from the Ede ethnic group and grew up in Gia Lai. During her time as an English Literature student at Hue University of Foreign Languages, she worked as a freelance tour guide in Hue to support her life. After graduation, she returned to her hometown of Gia Lai to pursue teaching English to high school students in Nhon Hoa town, Chu Puh district. Then she realized that she needed to continue to improve her knowledge to further develop her career in the future. Therefore, under the encouragement of her family, she decided to return to Hue to continue her studies in the Master's program in English Language Teaching Methodology. As fate would have it, she came across a job posting for an Adventure Tour Guide at Oxalis during this period. With her youthful enthusiasm and prior experience, she applied and became one of the few female adventure tour guides at Oxalis.

H'Anetta has been a guide for all tours operated by Oxalis, ranging from one to four days. She was also regularly entrusted with leading film crews and large media groups, including the Son Doong expedition with H'Hen Nie, Travel Blogger Tran Dang Dang Khoa, National Geographic photographer Tran Tuan Viet, and various film crews from Japan and Korea. She is one of the most experienced guides on the Son Doong Expedition Tour, so she is often affectionately called "The girl who has been to Son Doong the most in the world". Throughout her 8 years working at Oxalis as an adventure guide, she has always been a beloved and unforgettable guide for customers, even after the trip has ended.

Since her time as a tour guide, H'Anetta has shown an interest in the field of marketing by actively providing feedback on content and participating in training courses for the Marketing department. In September 2022, when the company was recruiting for the Head of Content position, H'Anetta's career took a new turn as she applied, was highly evaluated by the Board of Directors, and officially accepted the position. With extensive knowledge of nature, caves, and a deep understanding of customers from years of guiding, she quickly grasped the job. Although she encountered some initial difficulties in a new position, with continuous learning and experience accumulated through trips or surveys, she gradually demonstrated effective management and became a great storyteller and connector when working with partners both domestically and internationally.

Aside from having a Bachelor's and Master's degree from Hue University of Foreign Languages, she also holds a professional tour guide certificate from Phu Xuan University - Hue and has participated in various safety training courses during her time as a tour guide. She regularly attends tourism-related training courses and conferences to enhance her management and networking skills, with the most recent being the Tourism Promotion and Development Conference in Thai Nguyen in 2020, the Winning Leadership course in Quang Binh in 2020, and the Sustainable Tourism Development program in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019..

Regardless of the role, H'Anetta always spreads her passion for nature to everyone around her. She is sure to be an excellent connector when clients, media agencies, or other parties need to contact Oxalis for cooperation or the development of related content.