Adventure consultant

At Oxalis Adventure, we are excited to introduce you to Trinh Nguyen, one of our dynamic adventure consultants. With her vibrant spirit and passion for exploration, Trinh has contributed to creating memorable and satisfying adventures for our Oxalis explorers during her tenure with us.

Her strength lies in her outgoing, friendly, and incredibly positive attitude. She enjoys watching movies, reading, learning languages, and exploring new destinations. Her dedication revolves around inspiring others to embrace adventure and unearth the beauty our world has to offer.

She devotes a substantial part of her work time to advising and guiding via emails, websites, social media, and phone interactions. During her downtime, Trinh indulges in reading, watching movies, enjoying a cup of coffee either solo or with friends, and occasionally engages in journaling.

Although Trinh graduated with a degree in International Trade Law from the Foreign Trade University and previously worked in the education sector, she long realized her true passion lay elsewhere. Her fervor for exploration led her to join the adventure consultancy team at Oxalis. Transitioning into adventure tourism at Oxalis has been an exhilarating change for her, a field she had yet to explore previously. It's her genuine enthusiasm for delivering remarkable travel experiences to customers that propels her forward.

Trinh has had the chance to travel to various places across Vietnam, experiencing the unique beauty of each landscape. Her travels across Vietnam have been profound experiences that deepen her appreciation for the captivating landscapes our country offers. During her tenure as an adventure consultant, she had the opportunity to partake in various tours of Oxalis. These experiences not only provided her with unforgettable adventures but also deepened her understanding of customer needs, reinforcing her passion for incredible nature-based experiences.

Trinh stands ready as your reliable guide, enthusiastic to help curate your cave exploration adventure in Vietnam. Feel free to reach out to her for any assistance.