Adventure Consultant

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen is an adventurous tour consultant deeply inspired by the enchanting land of Phong Nha, where she was born and raised. With numerous dreams and aspirations, she carries a profound love for her homeland and a strong desire to contribute to the development of tourism in Phong Nha.

Huyen always enjoys sharing valuable information and assisting others with her enthusiasm and dedication. She engages daily with clients, providing information and addressing inquiries, finding immense joy in the positive experiences of customers that serve as motivation for her work.

Huyen's daily responsibilities include advising on adventurous tours on various online platforms and providing information about beautiful destinations in Phong Nha. She strives to ensure customers have a comprehensive travel experience and consistently imparts advice with sincerity.

Having graduated in International Business from FPT University, Huyen had the opportunity to work at FPT Software, holding the position of Business Analyst. However, instead of staying in Da Nang to advance her career, she decided to return to her hometown and join Oxalis, contributing to the growth of tourism in her homeland.

As a Gen Z girl, Huyen exudes youthfulness, cheerfulness, and is always seeking new skills to enhance the quality of customer service. With three years of study and work in the famous tourist city of Da Nang, she seized numerous opportunities to explore and nurture her dreams – aspiring to propel the tourism of her homeland forward and share the beauty of Phong Nha with a wider audience.