Tour Guide

Hồ Văn An was born and raised in the Phong Nha region, where he currently serves as an adventure tour guide. His mission is to ensure that customers have unforgettable experiences, gain valuable insights about the region, and, above all, prioritize their safety to provide the most complete and fulfilling journey for customers.

He graduated from Danang Pedagogical University with a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Culture in 2010. Recognizing the importance of languages, particularly English, in the service industry, he decided to continue his studies at Hue University of Foreign Languages, majoring in English, in 2012 and obtained a Bachelor's degree in English. Prior to returning to Phong Nha, he worked as a Sales & Marketing staff member for Hue Travel, accumulating experience in the tourism industry.

Upon returning to Phong Nha with a passion for travel and cave exploration, and a desire to contribute to the local tourism development, he patiently learned and enhanced his knowledge in the field of tourism and hospitality

He began working at Oxalis as a safety assistant for the Son Doong Expedition tour in 2014, with the responsibility of supporting the tour guides and safety experts in ensuring the safety of the tourists. During his time there, he also saved up funds to open a small homestay called Phong Nha Mountain House, while simultaneously striving to enhance his skills to become a professional tour guide. After a period of studying, training, and putting in the effort, in 2021, he applied and was successfully recruited for the position of adventure tour guide.

In his role as an adventure tour guide, his daily responsibilities go beyond guiding and leading customers to explore caves and nature in Oxalis' adventurous tours. He is also dedicated to accompanying and working closely with other assistants and porter teams to ensure a safe and memorable expedition for the customers. With years of accumulated experience and extensive knowledge of caves, he not only provides fascinating information to guests but also promises to deliver thrilling experiences.

His passion for travel has led him to explore stunning destinations both domestically and internationally. Since joining Oxalis, he has had the opportunity to visit places like Ha Giang, Sapa, Hoi An, and even the neighbouring country of Laos. Furthermore, he has been fortunate to visit the United Kingdom, the homeland of the cave experts currently working at Oxalis.

With his calm and mature demeanour, meticulous tour guiding style, and a touch of humour, Hồ Văn An has received high praise from customers. He undoubtedly becomes a reliable companion for customers seeking unforgettable adventures in Phong Nha. Don't hesitate to choose Oxalis Adventure and join An in discovering new and exhilarating journeys filled with excitement.