My heart was left in Son Doong

If you are reading this and you plan to visit Son Doong soon, please please help me find my heart. I left it in the cave and it must be still pounding with excitement from natural challenges and joy from the camaraderie that we had in those 4 days.
A few moments of hesitance flashed through our mind when we chose Son Doong for our honeymoon, but it came out to be wayyyy beyond our expectations. The service provided by Oxalis team is spectacular and surpasses most of the top-notch service from 5-star hotels around the world. They are a team of heart-warming people who guided us, made sure that we were absolutely safe, ported our luggages, tents, pillows, food, water, and prepared our delicious meals. They preserve the cave with their life, put all efforts in conserving and not disturbing the natural settings that have been in place for 400 millions years. I'm proud of them for keeping and presenting this global treasure to the world. I want to send my gratitude to Hung, the knowledgable and hilarious tour guide who gave us aqdequate information about how the cave was formed, who took our orders for breakfast before we go to bed, who created a gameshow in the cave which kept us thoroughly entertained at nights; to An and Linh, my two favorite safety assistants, who helped me through all terrains, pushed me and pulled me and saved my life so many times :). They were all so caring, gentle and they were incredible photographers. Actually my heart was left with them!
Regarding natural scenes, you won't see these types of formation anywhere in the world.
Limestone, yes, but dolines with jungles - I don't think so. The views here are mesmerizing. If you are a traveler, you can't miss this. I don't need to say much about this, you just need to feel it yourself, pictures are only a tiny fraction of its beauty, come see it asap. I'm in awe of this experience, thank you team Oxalis for making it so memorable. Oxalis team will occupy my heart forever. #besttripofmylife

Reviewd by Tracey N on Tripadvisor.

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