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When you think you can’t, always remember you can

I’ve always been hesitated to camp as I worry 2 things, there is no home-like-toilet and there may be cockroaches. It takes me years to decide if I should try. Few months ago, my sister asked me to go to Quang Binh for trekking and camping, I just said yes without second thought. Well, I thought if I didn’t do it now, when I could.

Meeting my buddies from different cities and background and the two incredibly amazing guides in day 1 introducing ourselves told me we would have an amazing journey together. We had nothing rather than great time, fantastic food and on top of all, we laughed so hard that our belly and jaws hurt.

We all were like good kids listening and doing exactly what they asked us to do.

During the journey, what we heard were.

Life jackets, helmets, spotlights, gloves - checked

Ok rest, enough let’s continue

You all sit here, photo time now, you stand there, pose, turn on the light, look up, ok done, next.....

One line here, keep space, no too close, move, good, now look up there, done, good job, turn this way, I will count until 3 and you all jump ok, 1...2...3 no no not good, again 1..2..3 hmm acceptable, ok go.

Stop here, one line everyone, turn your back this side, ok hold hands, hands up.

YES SIR YES MA’AM. Who else on earth can be obeyed like us all.

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