Victoria Stafford in Hang Va Cave

An experience of a lifetime!! I finished the Hang Ba Deep Jungle a few weeks ago and the entire experience blew me away. I cannot recommend doing a tour with Oxalis enough!

My four day, three night adventure into the Hang Ba Jungle was incredible- a truly unique experience. It was made even better by the EXCEPTIONAL Oxalis team that made the experience possible.

Exploring the jungle itself and its various caves was thrilling! Then after each exciting day of exploring, we’d arrive at our campsite each evening—and wow!! The campsites are located in the most picturesque, mind-blowing places. To sleep in the mouths of caves, deep in jungle was amazing. Then to top it off, the food that we served during our tour was some of the best, most delicious food I’ve eaten in all of Asia. (In the middle of the jungle—what?!)

A highlight for me was awaking each morning and enjoying some freshly ground Vietnamese coffee while listening to sounds of nature. To listen to the birds chirping and the monkeys chattering was serene, tranquil and divine.

And yet even with all the fantastic things, my favorite part of this trip was the tremendous people I got to share it with. They are the reason the entire experience was possible.

From my initial contact with Ty Na, who was lovely and so helpful in helping me book this excursion to then meeting so many others from the Oxalis team, I could not be more impressed with this organization.

H’Anetta was a wonderful guide! She was so knowledgeable, caring, and I adore her quick wit and sense of humor. Oxalis is lucky to have her and I felt even more fortunate to have her as our fearless leader. We were even treated to a bonus guide, Seven, who was training on this tour. Seven also provided so much knowledge and care.

The rest of the team was equally great. From our porters to our safety guides, the entire team was exceptionally kind, caring, and simply fun!

I was exceptionally fortunate that Bryan and Tra, who normally work in the office, happened to have picked this tour to join. They were a huge reason this trip was so special. We shared so many laughs and meaningful conversations. This trip would not have been the same with out them.

Oxalis is a strong supporter of environmental sustainability and a priority on every tour is to ensure the impact on the jungle is minimal. This company also believes in giving back to the local community and a portion of its profits are donated to organizations that are making a positive impact in the community. Outstanding!

I could not be more impressed with this company if I tried. Oxalis is an example of what every company, no matter what industry, should be striving for. For me, the quality of a company is shown by the people who make up the team and Oxalis has assembled the highest quality team, made up of exceptional human beings.

Do yourself a favor and book a tour with Oxalis. A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without it!

Thank you so much Oxalis team for such an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to come back!

Reviewed by: Victoria Stafford on Google Review.

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