Oxalis Adventure tour levels

With more than a decade of operating and running adventure tours, Oxalis Adventure has designed a system of levels for all tours to help customers evaluate and choose the tour most suitable for their interests and abilities. The levels are based on many years of customer feedback and advice from cave experts. If you still cannot decide your appropriate tour level, please contact Oxalis Adventure consultants for further assistance. For more detailed information on each tour you can refer to "How to Choose the Right Oxalis Tour".

Adventure level system

Oxalis Adventure cave expedition tours have 6 levels. The difficulty increases from level 1 to level 6. The levels of adventure are based on how strenuous the tour is, any technically difficult sections, the difficulty of the terrain, and the requirement for using safety equipment.

This system is only applicable to Oxalis Adventure tours, and should not be applied to any other treks or tours. It is based on a person of average fitness. Those who regularly practice sports or participate in outdoor activities, should be able to complete most Oxalis tours. For levels 5 and 6 customers should have trekking experience.

Note: In wet weather the level of difficulty may increase due to slippery terrain, higher water levels etc. Please pay attention to the weather forecasts when booking a tour. Following the tour booking, Oxalis staff will frequently contact you to guide you through the preparation steps. Or, you can directly contact the Oxalis consultant for any inquiries.

Adventure Level

Adventurous level include:

  • Level 1: Introductory
    • Requirement: Spirit of adventure, some physical activity.
    • Expectation: Easy trails, some rocky sections, short ladder climb, optional swimming.
    • Easy trekking, suitable for children.
    • Less than 6 km of trekking.
    • Ladder climb with safety rope
    • Swimming and river crossings.
    • Tours available in this level: Tu Lan Family Experience (TF1)
  • Adventure Level 2: Easy
    • Requirement: Basic fitness, participation in some sports activities.
    • Expectation: Easy trails, some rocky sections, short ladder climb & optional swimming.
    • 1 or 2-day tour.
    • Easy to moderate trekking.
    • 8-12 km of trekking including up to 3 km of caving.
    • Total elevation gained: 150m for 1 day and 250m for 2 days.
    • Swimming in caves (TL1, TL2; 50-150m length).
    • River crossings.
    • 15m ladder climb with safety rope.
    • Tours available in this level: Tu Lan Experience (TL1), Tu Lan Cave Encounter (TL2), Tu Lan Family Adventure (TF2).
  • Adventure Level 3: Moderate
  • Adventure Level 4: Challenging
    • Requirement: Regular physical activities or sports practice.
    • Expectation: Rocky terrain, long trekking or technical rope work.
    • Moderate trekking - very rocky terrain.
    • 8-18 km of trekking including 3-5 km of caving.
    • River crossings.
    • Swimming in caves (100m).
    • 10-15m ladder climb with safety rope
    • Tours available in this level: Hang Tien Exploration (HT3).
  • Adventure Level 5: Demanding
    • Requirement: Good level of fitness, previous trekking experience.
    • Expectation: Rocky terrain, some technical sections, steep hills, long treks, swimming.
    • Moderate to hard trekking- very rocky terrain.
    • 30 km of trekking including 5 km of caving.
    • Total elevation gain: 900m.
    • River crossings.
    • Swimming in caves (50-150m).
    • 10-15m ladder climb with safety rope
    • 15m underground abseil using ropes and harnesses (with instruction and supervision).
    • Tours available in this level: Tu Lan Expedition (TL4).
  • Adventure Level 6: Hard
    • Requirement: Good level of fitness; previous trekking experience.
    • Expectation: Multiple river crossings, extensive rocky terrain, and multiple technical sections.
    • Moderate to hard trekking - very rocky terrain.
    • 25 km trekking.
    • 7 km of caving which includes rope climbing, rocky scrambling, and the 90m ascent of the Wall of Vietnam (technical sections with instruction, supervision and safety equipment).
    • Surface and underground river crossings.
    • 3 camping nights underground.
    • Tours available in this level: Son Doong Cave Expedition (SD4), Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition (HB4).

How to choose the right Oxalis tour

If you have limited time but still want to experience the world of caves and enjoy some outdoor activities, you can choose tours with Level 2 - Easy Level such as Tú Làn Experience (TL1) or Hang Tiên Exploration (HT1) on a Level 3 - Moderate.

Although these tours only last a day, they combine all activities: trekking, optional swimming, jungle picnic, cave exploration.

These tours are also considered by many travelers as a "starter" tour to spark their interest in expeditions.

If you are looking for a real adventure to the wild world of caves and jungle covered mountains, or you want to get used to using some technical equipments, tours at Level 3 - Moderate such as Hang Va Expedition (HV2), Hang Tien Endeavour (HT2), Hang En Cave Camp (EC2), and Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer (TL3) are the most appropriate for you. These tours offer a variety of experiences and activities. These tours are from 2 to 3 days, so you will have plenty of time to relax at campsites, admire the mountain wilderness, and explore diverse caves with spectacular formations.

If you want to further challenge yourself, you can try the Hang Tien Exploration (HT3) at Level 4 - Challenging or Tu Lan Expedition (TL4) at Level 5 - Demanding.

Guests have opportunities to experience longer jungle treks, more caves and real adventurous activities such as abseiling, whilst exploring the world of caves and rugged mountains.

If you are looking for an exploration of the highest level you cannot miss the Son Doong Cave Expedition (SD4) tour at the highest Level 6 - Hard. This is a journey deep into the earth to explore the breathtaking stalactites, underground rivers and the jungle within the cave. This expedition will provide you with outstanding experiences and memories.

If you are looking for a special, unique and new expedition trip, the Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition (HB4) should be on your wishlist. It is a relatively new tour, very suitable for those who love nature, conservation and exploring caves. This tour will show you the habitat of the protected animals of the national park, and is also a challenging trek.

In addition, if you are traveling with your family, and you want to explore with your children and connect to nature, then choose the family tours on level 1 and 2. An introductory tour such as Tu Lan Family Experience (TF1) for 1 day, or Tu Lan Family Adventure (TF2) on level 2 - Easy, for 2 days for families with more time. These tours will help children's self-confidence, stimulate creativity and the ability to explore the natural world through challenges such as jungle trekking, swimming with a life jacket, and overnight camping in the mountain forest along with small bonding games.

Each tour, each level brings you different experiences and opportunities to participate in different activities. Choose the right tour and create some amazing lifelong memories.

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