On the journey of 10 years of growth and development, Oxalis has participated in world-class promotional campaigns, contributing to making the caves in Quang Binh and Vietnam an attractive destination for tourists on five continents. In particular, the Hollywood film Pan that was released in 2014 is considered the first milestone on this journey.

In May 2014, through its context partner Indochina Productions, Oxalis approached the Peter Pan: The Neverland crew to convince the crew to film some scenes in Hang En for the film. After a period of urgent negotiations, Oxalis and Warner Bros. Pictures (WB) agreed to make some scenes. Oxalis was in charge of all the logistics, organizing for the 10-person camera crew to perform in 2 days.

WB's team headed directly to Hang En to survey and take photos. Record the footage in a 3D format to bring back to the US for post-production. The film crew also ventured to other famous landmarks in Vietnam such as Ninh Binh and Ha Long Bay to record many other scenes for the film.

In July 2015, WB released the official trailer for the film. Featuring beautiful scenes like dreams, the mysterious stalactites are filmed in Hang En along with the magical clouds over Ha Long Bay and the green rice fields of Ninh Binh, which are used as the setting for the Mermaid Lagoon in the film. Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays Captain Blackbeard, said that, unlike most scenes that use techniques, the frames filmed in Vietnam are real. They are completely uncomplicated by visual technology. As a result, some scenes are collage scenes with no actors, but viewers can still appreciate the majestic natural scenery of Vietnam. Among all the scenes, the scene after the line, "Take me to Neverland!" when the protagonist discovers the wonderland at the back door of Hang En is the most spectacular, opening up a magical scene, beautiful like a child's dream.

After its global premiere in London on September 20, 2015, the film overwhelmed audiences with its unique and magical 3D effects. Hang En has since received a wealth of attention and visits from friends around the world to this day.

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