Emergency Response Procedure Of Oxalis Adventure

As an operator of adventure tours in both the jungle and caves, it is imperative that Oxalis has a well designed Emergency Response Plan working with the authorities and Oxalis Cave Experts, who are members of the British - Vietnamese Cave Expedition Team. Oxalis Adventure's emergency response procedure is evaluated and improved year by year responding to actual incidents.

Oxalis Adventure recognises different incident levels, different Procedure for emergency response in each case of an accident on the Oxalis Adventure tour in order to have proper solutions and to prevent them from happening in the future.

Oxalis Adventure has an established "Emergency Response Protocol" that includes on-site first aid and rescue if an accident occurs during trekking or cave exploration. We organize many training courses for first aid, rescue, and evacuation, and have rescue teams for each tour operation area. The specialized equipment is imported from abroad and complies with European standards. Due to the remote location, rescue teams and medical assistants will take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to reach the location. Therefore, the safety of visitors is the top priority of Oxalis in any activities related to caving in Vietnam.

Based on the severity of incident, we will have an approriate response. For example, food poisoning response during the Oxalis Adventure tour could be a minor, small, or local incident.

The following is a summary of the emergency arrangement and incident response plan to be implemented in the event of an incident.

Minor Incident

Resolved immediately by the guide and the tour continues as normal.

For instance: cut or abrasion requiring cleaning and dressing, but no stitches; twisted knee or ankle, dehydration, which does not prevent the customer from continuing after treatment.

Small Incident

Any incident requiring a person (guest or staff) to leave the tour. The person can get out by themselves with some support. Inform an Operations manager as necessary. Complete Incident Form.

Examples: injured knee or ankle, customer can walk out with help, use of a stick etc; cut or injury which requires visit to doctor for cleaning or stitching; diarrhea/vomiting where customer can walk out with assistance.

Local Incident

Serious incident requiring full support from the local office to evacuate an injured/sick person, who cannot get out by themselves. Contact the Operations manager as necessary. Complete Incident Form.

Examples of an emergency response for injured ligament, fracture, other injury where a person cannot walk and has to be carried; suspected snake bite; diabetic with problems who cannot walk out; suspected heart problems etc. is to evacuate an injured/sick person/ casualty out of the jungle as soon as possible.

Major incident

No one wants this kind of incident to happen. We have many rules and prevention plan to make it hardly happens. Serious incident requiring full support from the whole company. Staff may be involved outside their normal area.

For example, incident response process when guests lose their way during the tour of Oxalis.

Annually training course for Guides and guide assistant by the safety cave expert.


In the cases of any small, local or major incident, the tour guide will provide any emergency first aid, ensure the safety of other guests and staff, and rapidly call the Operations team. The Operations team has a detailed emergency procedure to follow for any situation.

Operations Managers will immediately provide the plan for an Emergency Response and logistics required by the particular incident. They will call for a doctor and ambulance, inform Oxalis Directors and local authorities as required.

Procedures are in place to deal with possible drowning, snake bites, fractures, emergency procedures when there is a "fatal accident" in the oxalis adventure tour, etc. in these cases, the victim will be evacuated to hospital as rapidly as possible.

At the conclusion of the incident, an incident form will be completed and reviewed by Oxalis Managers and Directors.

As there are inherent risks in all adventure activities, apart from Oxalis Adventure Emergency Response Procedure, Oxalis has many procedures in place to reduce all risks and hazards. The emphasis is always on ‘prevention is better than cure’. Which means it is better to prevent any incident rather than having to deal with it. To this end, Oxalis has established safety rules and requirements for all staff and customers also based on Oxalis policy. These prevention and Emergency Action Plan include, but are not limited to:

  • Give a clear safety briefing before the journey.
  • Check guests shoes and clothing before the trek.
  • Tour guides and safety assistants stay with the visitors all time.
  • Paths are clear regularly and well maintained.
  • First aid kits are carried at all times with the group.
  • Guides and safety assistants receive regular first aid training.
  • Guides, safety assistants, and porters receive cave rescue and evacuation training.
  • Guides undergo yearly appraisals.
  • Guides report back any issues to the Operations team after every tour.
  • Oxalis has a team of Caving Experts and Safety Specialists, who regularly examine and maintain technical equipment such as ropes, harnesses, karabiners etc.
  • Cooks and their assistants are trained in food hygiene.
  • Weather forecasts are checked at all times, and itineraries adjusted accordingly.

These are some of the emergency response procedures of Oxalis Adventure and just some of the many ways in which Oxalis endeavors to prevent any untoward incidents occurring on adventure tours.

The Oxalis Experience.


  • Does Oxalis have an emergency response process?

    Yes, Oxalis have an emergency response process. Oxalis Adventure has an established "Emergency Response Protocol" that includes on-site first aid and rescue if an accident occurs during trekking or cave exploration.
    In case of lightning and thunder issue, you can read more here about emergency response measures in the event of a storm.

  • How will Oxalis Adventure respond if someone is drowning?

    BASIC LIFE SUPPORT and CPR. These are essential skills to have in order to help a victim of DROWNING.
    In simple terms, DROWNING means death caused by being under water, and not being able to breathe.
    - Use your knowledge of DRS ABC.
    - Take the victim to the nearest medical facility as quickly as possible. Do not delay.
    Even if, after CPR, the victim looks like they have recovered, they still need to get to a medical facility urgently. Constantly check how they are on the journey to the hospital. Be prepared to start, and continue CPR at any time.

  • What is the first treatment for a snake bite of Oxalis Adventure?

    The first treatment for a snake bite of Oxalis Adventure is as follow:
    • Call the Office and get emergency medical help as soon as possible.
    • Note the time of the bite.
    • Keep the casualty calm and still as movement can cause the venom to travel more quickly through the body.
    • Position the casualty so that the bite is at or below the level of the heart.
    • Remove constricting clothing and jewelry from the surrounding area of the bite in case of swelling.
    • Remove shoes if the leg or foot is bitten.
    • Do not allow the casualty to walk, transport by vehicle.
    • Clean the wound, but do not flush with water.
    • Cover with a clean, dry dressing.
    • Take a picture of the snake if possible, do not handle or kill it.

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