Special and unique experiences by season at Hang En

Hang En - one of the largest caves in the world, located about 3 km from Son Doong Cave, through a valley with beautiful streams, rivers and scenery. Located in the core zone of the limestone mountain range of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, it is also known as the gateway to the Phong Nha Cave System. Joining the Hang En Adventure tour, customers will have the opportunity to participate in diverse exploration activities such as trekking through the jungle, wading through streams, crossing hills and climbing the mountain, and also have the chance to learn more about the living conditions of the Bru - Van Kieu people: a group of ethnic minorities living in the core zone of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

Each season and time of the year brings a unique experience to customers exploring Hang En: in spring, hundreds of flowers bloom and sunlight illuminates the cave; in summer, the whole jungle turns yellow and you can swim in the cool emerald lake at the campsite inside the cave; in winter, customers can enjoy quiet moments around a warm stove or experience a unique steam bath after an exciting trekking day.

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Located in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Hang En weather and climate also have the typical features of the Phong Nha climate. For safety reasons and due to the weather, especially during the rainy season, Hang En exploration tours only operate from late December to mid-September each year.

Here are the different experiences and activities that visitors can participate in during different seasons when exploring Hang En.

Unique experiences at Hang En in spring

Spring: starting in March and ending in May. During this season, the weather in Phong Nha gradually warms up but is not too hot. Hang En trekking routes are mainly under the shade of the jungle, therefore you will have the opportunity to see many types of flowers blooming, especially in April and May. Additionally, this time is also the breeding season for many different species of butterflies, so you also have the opportunity to admire the sight of butterflies flying along the trek to the Hang En Cave. If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable adventure, the Hang En spring experience is definitely worth considering!

Favorable weather conditions

Enjoying the pleasant weather of spring, Quang Binh is embraced by the cool breeze and warm golden sunshine. Trekking to Hang En during this time, customers can behold the lush green sprouts welcoming the new sunlight, traverse the glistening streams and witness the vividly revived forest after two months of hibernation. Furthermore, with such favorable weather conditions, you can effortlessly trek through the forest or even indulge in wading through the streams and rivers on the way to Hang En Cave entrance.

Witness the maximum sunbeams shining into the cave

From around December to mid-March each year, Hang En welcomes an incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon with giant rays of sunlight shining through the cave entrance from above, enveloping the entire cavern. As a result, many photography enthusiasts choose to visit Hang En during the spring season to explore, admire and capture this rare cluster of light.

Camping in one of the biggest caves

The camping area of Hang En is considered one of the most beautiful camping sites in the world, on a smooth sandy beach that is replenished after each rainy season. In front of the tents is a natural cold water swimming pool (as the water flows from underground, the water temperature can be cooler than normal) and next to it is a stream that flows into the cave from a branch of the Rao Thuong river, with sunlight making the water warmer due to the flow from the outside environment.

During sunny days in the spring, you have the opportunity to witness the magical early morning rays of sunlight shining directly into the deep tents inside the cave. With the cool air of spring, you can relax and swim in Hang En natural pool after a day of trekking in the mountains. In the evening, you can sit together and enjoy delicious food prepared by the chef right at the campsite, promising you a good night's sleep when camping at Hang En during this time. All of these elements contribute to creating the Hang En camping experience that you will not forget anytime soon!

Marking the lucky beginning

For a very long time, Hang En has been home to millions of swallows. Symbolizing the spring, the swallows signal the end of an old year, bringing luck to the new year. With the appearance of the swallows, Hang En brings a warm and peaceful feeling. Perhaps that is why Hang En is often chosen by many adventurous customers to mark the end of an old year and the beginning of a new year full of brightness.

Small group, big safety and full services

The Hang En tour has a maximum of 16 guests who camp inside the cave. Each visitor is provided with their own tent, sleeping bag and mattress with clean bedding that has been washed and dried before being used by the next group. Tables and chairs are provided for each guest to ensure cleanliness and coffee and tea are always available. Each tour includes a chef who prepares the best local dishes from the Phong Nha region. On cold days, guests can enjoy the Jungle Steambath service to relax and unwind after a long journey. Rest assured, your safety and comfort are our top priority.

Spring is also a time when many people take advantage of their vacation time to travel and relieve stress after a long period of work. As a result, popular travel destinations at the beginning of the year are often crowded with people. However, the Hang En Cave tour is scheduled so that there is only one group of guests on each tour, and only one group camping inside the cave at a time.

Unique experiences at Hang En in summer

Summer: usually starts in June and ends in August. These are warm and sunny months, with most tours having sunny days and sometimes temperatures outside reaching over 36 - 37°C. However, as two-thirds of the trekking journey are mainly on foot under the shade of the jungle, the temperature while trekking is lower and more comfortable. Another Hang En summer experience is that on the trek, you will have the opportunity to cross many cool and refreshing streams. By joining a tour in the summer, you can swim freely in the streams, rivers and jade-green lakes inside the cave, so the tour is not greatly affected by the weather.

Dry and breezy weather

The weather is dry and cool during this time of the year, with a transition between seasons, so the forest is covered in the bright yellow coat of summer. Although the temperature is high, the air is still fresh and pleasant. Two-thirds of the trekking route takes place in the forest with a lot of shady trees to rest under. After the forest section, there are streams and rivers to cross, and along the way, there are opportunities to stop and take a dip in the cool, clear water, which is a great way to beat the heat of Central Vietnam's summer.

Enjoy swimming emerald-green lake

In addition to outdoor swimming activities, when you come to Hang En, you can also enjoy swimming in the lake right in front of the campsite. The turquoise lake, naturally flowing underground from the ground, is warm in winter and cool in summer. The campsite is located near this natural lake, so you can freely swim and admire the sight of the swallows flying back to the nest every afternoon.

Enjoy the cool campsite

The campsite is cool and comfortable, with three enormous entrances located deep inside the cave. When the summer breeze blows in, it creates a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere for the customers.

The camping equipment provided is suitable, with the tent having 2 insect-proof mesh doors and 2 doors that can be used to block out cold or light. Guests can roll up one layer to let in the breeze. In addition, each tent is equipped with an electric fan to ensure customers have the most comfortable rest and prepare for their next experiences.

Unique experiences at Hang En in autumn

Autumn: from September to the end of November. Due to the slight influence of the weather from the neighboring country Laos, the weather in the Hang En area during this season may experience occasional storms that can cause several days of heavy rain in the surrounding forests. With the characteristic of a water cave with an underground river flowing through, and the valley area having many branches of rivers, to ensure the safety of visitors and prevent unpredictable Hang En autumn experience, Oxalis Adventure does not organize tours to Hang En from September to the end of November every year.

However, if you still want to embark on an adventure during the transitional period of autumn, you can consider exploring dry caves located in high positions that are not affected by floods but are still operational during the rainy season. Some recommended tours are Tu Lan Cave Experience (TL1), Tu Lan Cave Encounter (TL2), Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer (TL3), Hang Tien Cave Discovery (HT1), and Hang Tien Cave Endeavor (HT2). Especially during this season, visitors can witness the majestic waterfall cascading down from the ceiling of Tiên Cave 1, creating a stunning and rare sight.

Unique experiences at Hang En in winter

Winter: will begin in December and end in February of the following year. In the Hang En area, January and February typically have some sunny days, but also many cold and rainy days. However, since the tours are designed to be active and frequently moving, visitors' body temperatures are maintained at a stable level that is not too cold. Additionally, they will be provided with winter sleeping bags to keep warm during the winter months. Another Hang En winter experience is that the weather in the Hang En area in January and February is considered the most beautiful time to admire the sun's rays shining deep into the heart of the cave from the large entrance of Hang En. From the campsite, guests can spend time immersing themselves in these magnificent light rays.

The weather is suitable for trekking, with temperatures ranging from 19 - 23 degrees Celsius

This is a favorable time for mountain climbing activities. With such a mild temperature, you will not feel exhausted when participating in mountain climbing activities.

Experience the cosy campsite

The time spent gathered around the pink charcoal stove at the Hang En campsite is the most anticipated time for those on winter tours. After enjoying the local chefs' culinary skills, visitors can participate in activities such as taking photos of the winter camp at night or sitting around the stove to chat and enjoy warm "la vang" tea together.

In this season, the atmosphere inside the cave and the camping areas is clear, which highlights the details of the cave. During the winter season, photography enthusiasts often go on tours to Hang En for the opportunities to capture impressive photos with optimal lighting.

Season of end-of-year holidays with family

This time of year is also the season of Christmas and other end-of-year holidays. If you want to have a memorable holiday, welcome the new year or celebrate Christmas in a one-of-a-kind location, don't miss the adventure to Hang En. Say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year in one of the world's largest caves.

Experience special add-on services

Despite the tours taking customers to remote and challenging areas, Oxalis always provides the best services to ensure safety and create memorable experiences for their customers. Safety is the top priority during Hang En camping, and the organizers ensure that customers are equipped with the necessary gear for camping and trekking, accompanied by experienced guides throughout their journey. Gathering around the warm fire, chatting and sipping on local herbal tea to celebrate Christmas or New Year is a moment that everyone would want to experience at least once in their lifetime. Oxalis Adventure also provides Hang En camping services such as tents, sleeping bags and campfire meals to make the camping experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

In addition, during the winter, Oxalis also offers the service of lemongrass and lime steam baths at the campgrounds. After a long day of trekking and various activities, guests will have the opportunity to relax in the steam tents and recharge their energy for exciting activities ahead.

There is no definitive answer to the question of “when is the best time to visit Hang En” because each season and time of year brings a unique experience on the Hang En expedition, leaving each traveller with their own unforgettable memories. Depending on personal interests, goals and expectations as well as Hang En tour availability, guests can choose the best time to embark on their adventure and capture moments that will stay with them forever. And always be prepared to embrace the unexpected!

The Oxalis Experience.


  • What activities can visitors participate in when exploring Hang En?

    When you visit Hang En Cave, there are plenty of exciting exploration activities to choose from! You can trek through the lush jungle, wade through streams, cross hills and even climb mountains. Moreover, you'll get to learn about the Bru-Van Kieu people who live in the core zone of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. They are a fascinating ethnic minority group and you'll have the chance to discover more about their way of life.

  • What are the experiences for visitors during spring?

    Spring is the perfect time to visit Hang En Cave in Phong Nha. The weather is just right, and you'll be treated to a stunning display of blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies as you trek through the jungle. Don't miss the unique natural phenomenon at the cave entrance where sunlight illuminates the entire cavern, creating amazing photo opportunities. Stay at the stunning camping site on the sandy beach that is refreshed every rainy season. You'll have the chance to swim in a natural pool and savour delicious food prepared by a chef. Spring is also the time when millions of swallows make their home in the cave, making it a symbol of new beginnings and luck. Book your Hang En Cave tour during spring and witness nature's beauty in all its glory!

  • Is Hang En crowded during the spring season?

    Hang En Cave tours are organized in a way that ensures each group has exclusive access to the cave. This means that only one group of guests is allowed on each tour and there is only one group camping inside the cave at any given time. Therefore, the number of visitors to Hang En remains limited, and you can rest assured that your visit won't be overcrowded during the spring season or any other time of the year. So, get ready to enjoy the beauty of Hang En without the crowds!

  • What is the best season to visit Hang En?

    The best season to visit Hang En really depends on what kind of experience you want to have. Each season offers a unique adventure that will leave you in awe. During spring, you can witness the beautiful blooming of hundreds of flowers and the illuminating rays of sunlight in the cave. In the summer, the jungle turns yellow, and you can take a refreshing swim in the emerald lake at the campsite. During winter, you can enjoy peaceful moments around a warm stove or relax with a unique steam bath after a thrilling day of trekking.

  • What are the different experiences for each season when exploring Hang En?

    Hang En Cave offers different experiences in each season. Spring, from March to May, is a great time to witness the blooming of flowers and the breeding of butterflies while trekking through the jungle. In the summer months of June to August, sunny days are perfect for swimming in the jade-green lakes inside the cave, and the trekking temperature is lower and more comfortable under the shade of the jungle. Autumn, from September to November, is affected by occasional storms, so tours are not operated during this season for safety reasons. Winter, from December to February, has sunny days with beautiful sun rays shining deep into the heart of the cave, so it’s the ideal time to immerse yourself in these magnificent light rays.

  • What is the weather like in Hang En, and why are tours only operated during specific months?

    Hang En is situated within the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, which means that it shares the same climate as Phong Nha. Due to safety concerns and unpredictable weather during the rainy season, tours of Hang En are only available from late December to mid-September each year. Learn more about the weather of Hang En Cave at Weather of hang En Cave And Phong Nha Area.

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