Flying Fox System In Hang Tien 1

Hang Tien Cave in Tu Lan Cave System was discovered by the cave experts from The British Vietnam Caving Expedition Team in 1994. In 2015, with the help from some locals, they also discovered Hang Tien 2. These two caves are linked by an underground river. With this exploration, Hang Tien is considered as the biggest cave in the Tu Lan Cave System.

Hang Tien Cave is for most of the year a dry cave. However, following heavy and extensive rainfall, a large underground river will appear and fill the cave passage. It is impossible to safely cross the underground river by wading. Some years ago, when there was no flying fox system, the tour would be interrupted or Oxalis would have to find ways to go around the mountain so that customers could continue and complete their expedition.

In order to access the Tien Caves in high water conditions, Oxalis safety experts installed the Flying Fox System. Similar to a zip line, guests will cross the river by way of a seat attached to steel cables. Additional safety equipment such as harnesses and ropes are used for staff and guests to cross safely. The system is operated by Oxalis’ highly trained guides and safety assistants, who have to pass professional training courses and strict skills tests. In addition, to ensure safety, cave safety experts recommend that only one person can cross at a time.

All equipment used for the system meets international standards, and is mainly imported from France or the UK. It is selected, inspected and maintained by cave experts from the British - Vietnamese Cave Expedition Team. The system is installed by cave safety specialists at the beginning of the season (in November) and removed at the end of the season (at the end of August) for the 2-month rainy season break. These systems are regularly checked throughout the season to maintain safety as well as to repair if necessary.

Using Flying Fox becomes a highlight

In some months of the year, especially on rainy days when the water rises up, visitors cannot walk across the river bed in the middle of the cave to visit the exit of Hang Tien 1 and experience the rest of the tour, this is when the Flying fox system comes into play.

The Flying Fox system is mainly used to cross the underground river inside Hang Tien 1 cave. This system was simply an activity to ensure that customers and Oxalis staff crossed the river safely. Additionally, it ensures that customers can fully explore the inner parts of the Cave.

After a long time using the Flying Fox system, our guides realised that customers really enjoyed this activity. There are a number of customers who also acclaimed that this is one of the highlights of their journey. Only about 20m long across the river banks and located more than 10 m high above the river bed, this flying fox system is located in complete darkness inside the cave with a large cave arch.

Using the seat harnesses along with safety equipment to slide on the cable system, there is a fast-flowing river roaring underneath that will bring you the feeling of nervousness combined with excitement and thrill. Moreover, this exciting activity will give you the sense of being a real explorer. This is also the first flying fox inside the cave in Vietnam, that customers can not experience elsewhere.

Sliding on the Flying Fox system/using a flying fox inside Hang Tien 1 is an exciting new experience. Flying fox in Hang Tien 1 has become one of the highlights for all customers who take part in tours such as Hang Tien Cave Discovery (HT1), Hang Tien Cave Endeavor (HT2), Hang Tien Cave Exploration (HT3), Tu Lan Cave Expedition (TL4).

The Oxalis Experience.

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