Expectation of Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition Tour

Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is a new product designed and operated by Oxalis Adventure. After more than 10 years of operating and running various types of trekking and caving tours, Oxalis is running this tour to bring our customers new and unique experiences, with a tour that is different to any other.

Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is a tour that goes deep into the core zone of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, through the dense forest. The tour is designed for active trekkers, especially nature and conservation enthusiasts, and those who are interested in cave exploration and want to experience a proper caving tour as a real adventurer.

Features and Conditions of Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition

The itinerary of Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is designed so that each day is full of challenges and new experiences. Physically active guests with trekking experience should complete the trek comfortably.

Only 150 participants are allowed to join Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition tour per year to limit any impact on the environment and ecosystem. Most tours are open on a fixed schedule, guests traveling alone or with a group can visit Oxalis Adventure's website to find a suitable departure and make a reservation. In addition, if there are separate groups of guests (with 6 people) or film crews with special requirements, then please contact the Oxalis team directly for further information. The tour season of Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is from February to August every year. For the rest of the year, this cave will be closed for weather and conservation reasons.

Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is a journey full of activities and highly challenging experiences. It is also rated at level 6 – Difficult on the Oxalis Adventure Level, which includes: 25 km of challenging trekking in the jungle, exploration of 6 significant caves, underground swimming along with other activities using harnesses and specialized caving equipment imported from England and France.

This Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition tour requires a huge amount of logistics and preparation to make sure that guests will have a comfortable trip. During the tour, guests will be expected to complete these activities themselves. The tour goes deep into the ecological restoration area of the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park therefore, all preparations, activities, and customer experiences will be minimized in order to limit the impact on nature.

The tour is on jungle trails, hiking up and downhill many times, and there are no paths for bicycles, motorbikes or cars. The entire journey will have no phone signal, no wifi and no other amenities as in a hotel. Each Oxalis Adventure tour is equipped with a satellite phone for the tour guide to contact the Operations team in the event of an emergency or incident. Customers can only use the internet and phone at the hotel before departure and when reaching a phone signal after leaving the jungle. While trekking in the mountains and exploring the caves, the safety team will communicate with each other by walkie-talkie if required.

Highlights On Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition

Oxalis Adventure has been creating amazing adventure caving and nature experiences for visitors for the past 10 years. Our tours are normally organized in small groups, camp in the forest or in the cave, so the jungle is very well preserved. These types of nature-experience tourism create very little impact on the environment as well as conservation of the precious Karst cave systems. Oxalis Adventure's tours are very popular with both international and local visitors and are recognised as sustainable and environmentally friendly tours.

Renowned for sustainable tourism, Oxalis will now step up to actively promote the conservation of biodiversity in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. We have created a brand-new tour called "Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition" with six key highlights.

Enjoying the natural morning concert

In the early morning landscape of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, you will be immersed in the peaceful and majestic world of the mountains and forests, fill your chest with clean air, and embrace and connect to nature with all your senses. This forest area is under strict protection, so many bird species live here and it is also home to many primates such as gibbons, monkeys, Ha-Tinh langurs, and multi-coloured langurs. Be soothed by birdsong heralding the new day, by gibbons whose calls echo through the forests that sound like a nature concert found nowhere else. Along with this wonderful moment, enjoy coffee and welcome the sun rising up slowly from behind the karst mountains. All these things together create a wonderful healing therapy that helps you to get rid of all your stress, find the balance and regenerate positive feelings again.

Explore the outstanding primitive forest

The Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is very different from all other Oxalis tours. More than 95% of the trekking takes place under the canopy of ancient trees in the primeval forest. It is the most beautiful trekking route to explore the outstanding primitive forest in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Because the area was not affected by the war and has been well preserved, the forests have grown so lush that visitors will not be directly exposed to sunlight during the whole day’s trekking. There are many precious trees such as ebony, fragrant rosewood and many endangered species, as well as old trees so big that ten people cannot form a ring around the trunk. The tour takes you through many different types of terrain, from earth mountains to limestone mountains, and is a great opportunity to discover the diversity of tropical forests typical of this area.

The most beautiful campsites to embrace nature

The Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition tour has some of the best cave camps of all tours that Oxalis Adventure offers. The campsites are carefully selected at or just inside the cave entrances, which are cool in summer, warm in winter, and comfortable with great views. On this tour you will be tucked away in caves, leaving beautiful beaches for the wildlife to live their lives. This is the only tour that prioritizes animals & nature over people. Carrying everything with us, we leave no camping structures behind.

Dai Cao Cave Camp - the first-day campsite is below a small cliff near the cave entrance, next to the cool stream flowing out of the cave and a beautiful lake in front where you can swim. On the bank of the stream, you can relax with tea or coffee and wait for the starry night sky. Or enjoy the fresh air and the chorus of birds and animals early the next morning.

The second night is spent at Light Cave - a short but very interesting cave. The campsite is on a wide sandy beach inside the cave and has a cool, green lake in the foreground. The cave has two towering arches, so you can relax in the stunning morning light streaming through the entrance on either side of your camp. This a great opportunity for those who are passionate about photography, to take incredible photos.

The final night at Vinh Dai Cave campsite is considered one of the most beautiful Oxalis campsites inside caves. It is uniquely placed on a calcite balcony high above the river passage where you catch the natural light from the cave entrance and overlook the entire Vinh Dai Cave, with a blue lake below for you to immerse yourself in.

Discover six spectacular caves

Visitors are guided to explore six beautiful caves hidden in a very remote area of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. This trip will allow guests to explore both dry passages and underground river caves, a trip for a real caver.

1. Guests will explore the Dai Cao Cave dry section and swim in the very cool (17 degrees Celsius) underground river section. This cold river section is where you can see white fish (transparent bodies) and other species. There is a small sinkhole in the middle of the cave and if you are lucky, you can see sunbeams shining in to light up the whole passage.

2. Guests will next explore Maze Cave - this cave is called Maze Cave because of its complicated network of passages inside. There are so many different sections with different calcite formations that formed millions of years ago. There are 2 entrances where you can see daylight and sunbeams shining into the cave on sunny days.

3. Guests will also explore Hang Ba Cave - an unusual cave with three cave entrances, offering great views and a beautiful underground river. There is a small natural jade-green lake right at the cave entrance where you can enjoy swimming in the fresh waters. The first half of the cave from the entrance is very rocky, but the tough section soon leads to the underground river section. Here you can swim or use a SUP to get out through the last exit. The colourful scenes inside Hang Ba are a great opportunity for photography.

4. Light Cave is the next cave to explore, where you will also spend the second night. This is a short but stunning cave with an entrance on either side of your camp. There is a wide sandy beach inside the cave and a cool, green lake in the foreground inviting you to swim. The cave has two towering arches, so you can see the stunning morning light through the double entrances.

5. Guests will climb the hill to explore Circle Cave. This is a new cave discovered recently. The spectacular 90 m wide entrance is home to many animals. Many signs of animal visitors can be seen here. The cave has a large and unspoiled space like an ancient stage with a variety of stalactites and stalagmites. In certain months, you can see stunning sunbeams shining through the cave entrance.

6. Finally, guests will explore Vinh Dai Cave marked by a spectacular cave arch. Passing through the cave entrance, you can see the vast cave passage ahead, and perched on a ledge high above the river passage is the campsite. There is a fresh, natural swimming pool inside the cave, which creates beautiful reflections, and an opportunity to take incredible photos.

The dark sky: Enjoy stargazing at night

Located deep in the heart of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, the campsites of the Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition tour offer dark sky spaces unaffected by artificial light. The trip is a breathtaking opportunity for visitors to enjoy the sparkling sky with moon/stars, and see the Milky Way very clearly in good weather.

A new approach to wildlife conservation tourism

Unlike other Oxalis tours, Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is a step further in wildlife conservation tourism. This trip takes place in Vietnam's Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, which is home to hundreds of rare flora and fauna species such as serow, deer, wild boar, wild cats, gibbons, and so on. The park is very large and wildlife is free to roam around without interference. Renowned for sustainable tourism, Oxalis is now taking a new approach to wildlife conservation tourism in the National Park. We avoid contact with wild animals and minimize the direct impact on the habitats so as not to drive them away.

On this unique tour, visitors are going to explore the environment of the wildlife, sense their presence through footprints and other signs of activity left along the trail, and best of all, images and videos collected from multiple motion cameras hidden around the jungle. You can also listen to the songs of all kinds of birds and gibbons every morning. With these observations, we can truly feel that we are close to wildlife but will not disturb them or force them to change their habits. This trip is really suitable for those who love nature and are passionate about exploring. Join us to explore Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition, which is full of surprises and numerous intriguing aspects.

To learn more about this tour, please click here. Watch the video about the Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition of the UNESCO and IUCN representatives to Vietnam here.

Rules and regulation

As the trek goes into the core zone of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, there are regulations for both guests and Oxalis staff who take part in Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition.

All equipment such as tents, and the clothes and backpacks of the group must be in dark colours to blend into the surroundings, and the lights used at the camp will be red mode.

Throughout the trek and at campsites, the group will be asked not to laugh or shout loudly, and not to make loud noises or play music. Food supplied on the tour will also be prepared before departure as much as possible, in order to avoid loud noises at camps. In addition, to ensure the safety of guests when staying at the campsites, Oxalis has introduced a number of regulations as follows:

  • Do not leave the camp area without notifying the tour guide.
  • Do not go alone when leaving the camp area, guests must be accompanied by staff.
  • Swimming is only allowed in designated places.
  • Do not swim at night.
  • Do not swim after drinking.
  • Life jackets must be worn when swimming.
  • You must be supervised by the tour guide or safety assistant when swimming.
  • Do not jump from high and dangerous places.
  • Do not play risky water sports, please swim calmly and carefully.

Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition is a tour that requires quite a lot of physical fitness. Guests should have trekking experience and be doing regular physical exercise. Oxalis staff will advise on suitable activities if you are in any doubt. Customers who are insufficiently prepared or experienced will not be accepted. Those who are into nature and are passionate about proper trekking and caving activities should not miss the experience of this Hang Ba Deep Jungle Expedition tour.

The Oxalis Experience.

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