Adventure Cave Abseiling Activities at Oxalis Adventure

Abseiling, also known as rappelling, is a popular adventure activity that involves a controlled descent of a vertical face using a rope and associated equipment. Abseiling can be done on natural or artificial structures, such as cliffs, waterfalls, buildings, bridges and to explore caves. Abseiling can provide an exhilarating and rewarding experience for tourists who seek adventure and a challenge.

Oxalis was the first adventure tour company in Quang Binh province to offer a cave abseil activity and is committed to ensuring that we conduct all activities professionally and safely to ensure an enjoyable abseiling experience. After researching international requirements and regulations, Oxalis decided that the maximum height of any abseil offered by Oxalis would be 18m for all underground abseil activities.

Oxalis uses high-quality, well-maintained equipment designed for abseiling activities that conform to the relevant international standards. Trained and competent staff inspect equipment regularly and it is replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Oxalis guides and Safety assistants undergo thorough training and assessments to lead adventure tours, including leading abseil activities underground. These individuals possess the necessary expertise, risk assessment skills, and emergency response knowledge to ensure participants' safety and well-being.

Abseiling activities on Oxalis Adventure tours

The abseil that Oxalis Adventure offers is less than 15 meters and leads to a raft on the river. This abseil is suitable for beginners and does not require any prior experience. The abseil is also supervised by professional and experienced guides and safety assistants who will provide you with the necessary equipment and instructions. The abseil is a thrilling and rewarding experience that will give you a different perspective of the cave and the river.

Additional Considerations for Abseiling

  • Physical Fitness: While abseiling may be enjoyed by people of all ages, participants should be physically fit and possess adequate upper body strength and balance.
  • Medical Conditions: Individuals with certain medical conditions may need to consult a doctor before participating in abseiling activities.
  • Psychological Factors: Some individuals may experience fear of heights or claustrophobia during abseiling. Open communication with instructors and guides is key to addressing such concerns and ensuring a comfortable experience.
  • Training and Instruction: Visitors will receive training and instruction before attempting any abseil, regardless of height. This includes learning proper body positioning, rappelling techniques, and safety protocols.

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