Explore the world’s largest cave through video 360 VR Son Doong

Located deep in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world, as recognized by Guinness World Records in 2013. To bring the natural grandeur of Son Doong Cave closer to visitors worldwide, Oxalis has created the Son Doong 360° Video. Anyone can experience this lively cave adventure through virtual reality (VR) headsets, smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.

For the first time, the beauty of Son Doong Cave is recaptured through VR 360° video technology. This allows you to see and admire all different angles at all spots inside Son Doong in high definition. This offers a realistic, vivid experience as if you are actually moving inside Son Doong on the journey to explore this magnificent cave.

Map of prominent locations inside Son Doong Cave.

Son Doong 360° Video begins with the image of a vast valley and a trail leading to Son Doong Cave. The video is narrated by Howard Limbert - Head of the British - Vietnam Caving Expedition Team and Ho Khanh - the person who discovered Son Doong Cave. As the video goes on, the narrators share interesting information about the cave.

From the stream in the vast valley to the massive space with soaring stalagmites inside Son Doong, every angle is recaptured in 360°. High-resolution footage reveals some of the most breathtaking scenes in Son Doong Cave. These include the cave entrance covered in mist, the giant sinkholes, the campsites, and the emerald pools.

The video also shows the panoramic views of Doline 1 (449m deep from the lowest point) and Doline 2 (252m deep from the lowest point). The latter is covered by a pristine jungle where clouds float underneath. You can explore all the geological features, observe the diverse ecosystems, and listen to the sound of water flowing inside Son Doong. All this is done by yourself as if you are there.

The latest images of Son Doong Cave by Oxalis Adventure

After using specialized equipment to descend into Son Doong Cave, you can marvel at the scenery inside the colossal cave with countless stunning stalagmites.

Doline 1 - Watch Out for Dinosaurs, is the area that receives the most sunlight from outside the cave, especially from January to mid-March each year.

The mist created by the waterfall paints a unique and magical scene at Doline 1, rarely seen anywhere else.

Looking up from the Doline 2, a misty canopy of sky shrouds the primeval forest thriving within the cave itself.

Doline 2 - Garden of Edam has a height of more than 250 meters with enough light for a whole rainforest to grow in the heart of Son Doong Cave.

The Hope and Vision stalagmite stands at an impressive 80 meters tall, making it the tallest stalagmite in the world.

The campsite is located on the edge of Doline 1, allowing it to receive natural light from the cave's opening. This spot is nearly 5 kilometers away from the entrance of Son Doong Cave.

Connected by a rope, the group crosses numerous lakes, rivers, and rocky slopes within Son Doong Cave.

Challenge with a 90-meter climb up the Great Wall of Vietnam inside Son Doong Cave, using specialized harnesses and guided by safety experts.

After conquering the challenge of climbing the Great Wall of Vietnam, the back entrance of Son Doong Cave welcomes you with a lush, primeval rainforest.

The production of Son Doong 360° Video not only brings opportunities for those passionate about traveling to explore Son Doong. It also contributes to promoting the natural beauty of Vietnam to the world. For Oxalis, this is a big step forward in developing tourism and raising awareness about conservation. Let’s immerse in the beautiful landscapes and explore Son Doong through Son Doong 360° Video. This will be an experience not to be missed for those who love the mystery and beauty of nature.

The Oxalis Experience.

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