How to relax after trekking the Tu Lan cave system

After days of traversing forests, crossing streams, and uncovering the hidden beauty of the magnificent Tu Lan cave system, visitors participating in Oxalis Adventure's long-duration trekking tours will return to the Tân Hóa office to collect your luggage. Depending on the tour, you will be accommodated in various room options, ensuring comfort and privacy after the long journey.

To help visitors thoroughly enjoy the moment, Oxalis suggests the top 5 relaxing activities following the fascinating trek through the Tu Lan cave system!

5 Activities to Relax Your Body After Trekking in the Tu Lan Cave System

1. Recharge Your Soul: Serene Comfort at Tu Lan Lodge

Nestled on a mountainside and located in Tân Hóa village, Tú Làn Lodge offers guests unique and relaxing experiences. Each room at Tú Làn Lodge is meticulously designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

Whether you opt for the Mountain Bungalow with its sweeping vistas of limestone mountains and expansive grasslands, the River Bungalow with its serene view of the Rào Nan River, or the Rural Homestay, a floating house that offers an authentic glimpse into Vietnamese rural life, each accommodation promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

Rest assured, all our rooms have modern amenities to ensure your comfort. The Mountain Bungalow and River Bungalow boast private balconies with comfortable lounge chairs, perfect for unwinding. Meanwhile, the Rural Homestay offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and forests from the comfort of your room.

Take the time to shower, change clothes, and rest on the lounge chair or the soft bed, sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee and immersing yourself in the peaceful mountain atmosphere. This is the best way to recharge your energy after a long day of exploration.

Rural Homestay built on the floating houses of local people.

2. Dine Like a Local: Cozy Dinner Experience in Tan Hoa Village

When visiting Tan Hoa, you not only admire the unique natural scenery but also have the opportunity to experience the unique cuisine of the Nguon people right at their homes. A cozy dinner with local dishes such as poi rice, pumpkin soup, and Tan Hoa spring rolls prepared by the locals themselves from fresh ingredients will bring an unforgettable flavor.

In an intimate setting, visitors can chat and learn about the customs and practices of the Nguon people, how to make poi rice and pound poi, and everyday stories. This is an opportunity for cultural exchange and emotional connection between locals and tourists.

You can also learn about the unique weather-adaptive tourism model of the Tan Hoa people. The floating houses with barrels underneath, which help the houses rise when the flood season arrives, are a testament to the people's creativity and adaptability.

Experience dinner at a local Tân Hóa home.

3. Rejuvenate Your Feet: Betel Leaf Soaking and Foot Massage at Tu Lan Lodge

At Tu Lan Lodge, you can experience a foot soak with Betel leaves and a massage performed by local staff. While sipping a cup of hot ginger tea, you can also admire the Tan Hoa field at night in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

Foot soaking with Betel leaves is a traditional Vietnamese therapy that helps reduce muscle pain, improve blood circulation, and bring a sense of relaxation after hours of exercise. The foot soak ingredients include Betel leaves, ginger, salt, and warm water.

All are put in a wooden basin to keep the heat longer. Betel leaves contain natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients; warm water will help you feel extremely comfortable.

After the foot soak, combined with a foot massage with coconut oil, this therapy helps relax muscles and nourishes the skin, bringing a soft and smooth feeling.

Please note that you should book the service in advance with the reception of Tu Lan Lodge to ensure availability and avoid long waits.

Enjoy foot soaking and enjoy the view of Tân Hóa grasslands from Tú Làn Lodge's restaurant.

4. Sip and Socialize: Enjoy Drinks with a Million-Dollar View at Tu Lan Lodge

Evenings at the Tú Làn Lodge restaurant offer a unique experience. You can immerse yourself in the poetic natural surroundings and enjoy relaxing moments with loved ones.

The restaurant space harmoniously combines the rustic beauty of wood with a panoramic view of the endless Tân Hóa fields. Soft yellow lights create an intimate atmosphere, perfect for heartfelt conversations.

The diverse drink menu here will satisfy all tastes. You can sip on a refreshing cocktail, savor the aromatic flavor of ginger tea, or simply enjoy a strong cup of coffee.

Alongside your favorite drink, you can lose yourself in the magical beauty of the starry night sky and share interesting stories about your recent trip with friends, family, or new acquaintances.

Enjoy drinks, chatting, and the scenery at Tú Làn Lodge's restaurant.

5. Morning Stroll or Bike Ride: Explore Tân Hóa Village Scenery

In the early morning, with fresh and cool air, Tan Hoa village appears strangely peaceful. You can admire the majestic mountain scenery from the window or balcony of your room while sipping a cup of hot coffee. However, take the time to walk or cycle around the village. This is a gentle physical activity to start the new day and also an opportunity to encounter the locals' gentle smiles and friendly greetings. Children happily go to school, and adults are busy with work in the fields.

Cycle through the Tân Hóa village and take in the sights.

In the distance, buffaloes graze leisurely in the fields, creating a peaceful countryside picture. Slowly strolling or cycling on the village road, there will be no more noisy sounds of vehicles and dust; instead, you will be able to breathe in the scent of the earth, the grass, and trees. You can admire the sunrise behind the majestic limestone mountains on the Tan Hoa field.

Observing the simple life of the people here is a great way to relax and recharge for a new day. The buffet breakfast at Tu Lan Lodge will be a perfect ending to this exciting discovery journey.

Don't forget to capture the peaceful landscapes of this world-best tourism village.

Enjoying the simple beauty of Tan Hoa village or simply sipping a morning coffee at Tu Lan Lodge will dispel the fatigue after the challenging Tu Lan cave system exploration trip. These experiences will help you connect more deeply with nature and people here, leaving unforgettable memories in your journey to discover Quang Binh.

The Oxalis Experience.

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