Spring is short, sweet and early in Phong Nha, usually starting at the beginning of February and finishing in April. Here are five reasons why this comfortably cool and comparatively dry season is the perfect time to unearth Hang En.

1. Cinematic sunbeams

February is one of the only months of the year that affords cinematic views of the sunbeams, which stream into the cave entrance in translucent yellows and whites.

2. Hiking through the valley

Spring is when the winter rain has subsided, but the blazing heat of summer is yet to begin. It’s the ideal season to climb down to the valley, traverse streams and hike meandering trails.

After taking a rest at Doong Village, you will keep hiking into the jungle.

You can feel a fresh airflow and enjoy an eye-pleasing view after reaching the entrance of the cave.

3. Sleep like a baby

The Hang En campsite rests at the cave entrance, right on the beach. The campsite can get chilly in winter and hot in summer, but temperatures are just right during spring.

This is where you sleep at night - a campsite inside the cave.

You will wake up in the morning with a fresh atmosphere.

4. Chirping swallows

Hang En is known for its swallows (Hang En means “Swallow Cave”), and the spring months offer great flocks of these skilful flyers.

Swallow flock is flying above the back entrance of Hang En Cave.

Swallow flock is flying above the back entrance of Hang En Cave.

5. Afternoon (and morning) swims

Spring is the ideal time to swim in Hang En, as the pool in the cave is still deep from the rains but the water is already starting to warm up.

A natural pool is ready for you to swim and relax.

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