The Covid-19 epidemic is spreading very complicatedly around the world. Thus far, vaccination against COVID-19 is regarded as a long-term solution to help us protect our health, effectively prevent and control the epidemic. Oxalis Adventure is an adventure tour company operating in Bo Trach, Minh Hoa, and Tuyen Hoa districts of Quang Binh province.

Thanks to the significant attention of Quang Binh province, the local health sector, and Bo Trach district government, all staff of Oxalis including Tour Guides, Safety Assistants, Porters, chefs, cave experts, operators, sales, drivers, and office workers have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus. Furthermore, all employees of Oxalis's partners have also received 2 doses of vaccines, namely: Thao Nguyen tourist car, Nhat Duc tourist car, all staff of hotels as Chay Lap Farmstay, Oxalis Home, and Son Doong Bungalow.


The first dose of vaccination took place from 14/5/2021 to 13/8/2021

  • On May 14, 2021, all 41 employees including guides, cave experts, receptionists, operators, and drivers received their first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine at the general Bo Trach hospital.
  • 86 employees in the Tu Lan area (Tan Hoa and Cao Quang communes) got the first dose of AstraZeneca at general Minh Hoa hospital, including chefs, porters, safety assistants, and operators on June 15 to 18, 2021.
  • Over 300 porters, chefs, and safety assistants in the Phong Nha area, as well as 60 office workers of Oxalis received one dose of AstraZeneca vaccine at Bo Trach General Hospital and Dong Hoi General Hospital from June 16 to 18, 2021.
  • Furthermore, for personal and health reasons, the remaining 34 staff of Oxalis were vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine later on July 27, 2021 and August 13, 2021.

Through this vaccination round, all staff of Oxalis Adventure completed the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination with two vaccines: AstraZeneca and Moderna.

The second dose of vaccination took place from 4/8/2021 to 18/9/2021

The round of vaccination for Oxalis was scheduled 2 to 3 months apart.

  • On August 4, 2021, all 40 Oxalis Guides, Safety Specialists, and Receptionists were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with the AstraZeneca vaccine.
  • More than 100 porters from the Phong Nha and Tan Hoa regions already had their 2nd dose of the AstraZeneca from August 19 to 20, 2021.
  • On September 6 to 10, 2021, 40 staff and porters of Oxalis finished the second dosage of Moderna vaccination at Bo Trach General Hospital.
  • 25 porters from Cao Quang commune received their second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at Tuyen Hoa District General Hospital on September 07, 2021.
  • During the injection from September 12 to 18, 2021, around 250 porters in the Phong Nha area and office workers of Oxalis completed the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 at the general hospital of Bo Trach district and Dong Hoi city.
  • Furthermore, a few staff members have been unable to receive the second dose of the vaccine due to personal and health reasons. They will be getting their second dose soon.

The third dose of vaccination took place from 5/01/2022 - updating…

It's been four months since the second COVID vaccine round, and it's time to start the 3rd round of vaccination for the people of Quang Binh province, with a focus on tourism.

  • On January 5 to 7, 2022, 95 employees in the Tu Lan area (Tan Hoa and Cao Quang communes) got the 3rd dose of AstraZeneca at Minh Hoa District General Hospital and Tuyen Hoa district preventive medicine center.
  • Nearly 300 Oxalis's employees from Phong Nha including guides, porters, and office workers received the third dose of AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines on January 11-12, 2022 at medical center of Phong Nha town.

During the vaccination process, all staff members were thoroughly informed about possible side effects after getting a Covid-19 vaccine for timely preparation and response. As a result, aside from the common side effects such as flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, and muscle aches, everyone’s health is stable and they can resume normal activities after 1-2 days of vaccination.

Thus, by completing injections, Oxalis employees have contributed to enhanced “immune-boosting” protection against Covid-19 and are eligible to organize tours. Therefore, it is safe to welcome visitors to join the upcoming cave expeditions.

Oxalis would love to express its gratitude to the provincial leadership, local governments, and the health and tourism industries for giving us timely and rapid access to vaccines. Oxalis will make additional efforts to help the local tourism industry’s robust recovery after the pandemic and to bring visitors closer to the natural marvels of Quang Binh’s lovely region.

Oxalis Adventure.

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